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27 in Wheel(7 posts)

27 in WheelFisher1
Jul 13, 2001 9:44 AM
I have a mid 80's touring bike that I commute on with 27in wheels. I'd like to have a wider tire selection than what is available anymore in 27in. Has anyone had any success changing from 27 in. wheels to 700c on a frameset originally design for 27in wheels?
re: 27 in Wheeld_alex
Jul 13, 2001 11:42 AM
People do it all the time. You might need to rebraze the bosses for your cantilevers (if it uses them), but most canti brakes are capable of being adjusted down the 4mm needed. My road bike used to be a 27" size, but luckily the bridge is just close enough to mount short-reach calipers, AND a thin rear fender (when needed). I did get a 700c size fork, though.
"People do it all the time" is a pretty strong statementSpoke Wrench
Jul 13, 2001 12:49 PM
In most cases, if your bike has road calipers, it won't work. Most of the bikes produced in that era already had pretty long reach brake calipers. The brakes won't reach the slightly smaller 700c rim and longer calipers aren't easily available.

I hear guys talk all the time about the "magic" dropped brake bolts. That requires getting the right bolt to fit your brakes, disassembling the bolt and hoping it will work.

Then we come to the tire size issue. Generally, road calipers won't open wide enough to handle a tire wider than about 28mm. Which brings us back to brazing on some canty studs. Not a cheap solution unless you have the ability to do that kind of work and repaint the bike yourself-maybe not even then. People don't "do it all the time."

How madly in love are you with a 20 year old bike? If you love the blke, keep it the way it is. If you love to ride, get a newer, better bike. You'll have more fun.
and sometimes it's really easy.Rusty Coggs
Jul 13, 2001 6:21 PM
I just bought a nice garage sale bike that had enough downward adjustability latitude in the calipers for the pads to easily reach 700c rims.Sometimes one isn't so lucky and the other solutions may not be viable.
Mine swapped over with just a brake adjustmentcory
Jul 13, 2001 1:36 PM
I commute on an old Trek tourer with canti brakes and 27-inch wheels. When I got tired of hunting for tires, I tried the 700c wheels off my wife's road bike (she rides a mountain bike everywhere now, so it was just sitting there...). All I had to do was move the pads a little. Might give it a try--those 35mm Paselas are sure nice.
"Just sitting there ,huh?" You cannibalized it! nmyour wife
Jul 13, 2001 2:34 PM
didn't work for meds13
Jul 13, 2001 6:21 PM
I have a early 80's fuji with Shimano 600 brakes I put 700c on it years ago and could never get them to reach the rim. at the time Dia-comp made a cheap set of long reach calipers I tried them and they worked but I could not bring myself to replace the 600s that were like new and much better the the dia-comps so since 27 tires were still available with no trouble I just built a set of 27 mavics on my 600 hubs