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Mavic Cosmos vs Open Pro...(2 posts)

Mavic Cosmos vs Open Pro...radical
Jul 13, 2001 6:08 AM
I think these messageboards are full of great advice but I do have one strange question. How come so many people are in favour of building up Open Pro rims from scratch when Mavic's Cosmos wheelset is available?

I've had both and I thought I would not be able to feel a significant difference between the already excellent Open Pros (R.I.P.!) versus a new set of Cosmos because the rims are pretty well the same and the Mavic hub is as good as any Ultegra product. But the Cosmos are fabulous, and even better, come with a 24 spk front wheel. The Open Pros only come in 28 spokes or more.

How come the Cosmos don't get more press??!!
Weight...Mike Prince
Jul 13, 2001 6:34 AM
Specifically the rear hub, which is an older (heavier) Mavic design. Also there are those that like the servicability of loose bearing hubs which Mavic is not.

As a comparison, Excel Sports builds up a DA/Open Pro wheelset with DT Revolution spokes (exc rear driveside which are 14/15) that weighs about 175g less than the Cosmos wheels. And for essentially the same price. I had a similar choice when I built up a new bike and went with Excel's wheels because I didn't have time to build up a set myself for this bike. After 600 miles in 3 weeks my wheels are doing fine under my 200 lbs. And I saved over 1/3 pound in the process.

Just my $0.02 (or is that £0.013 because I'm living in England this year?) :)