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Help with look pp296 pedals needed(2 posts)

Help with look pp296 pedals neededJock
Jul 13, 2001 1:34 AM
My look 296 pedals have developed some play and I am wondering how to service them. If anyone can point me to some info or tell me how this is achieved it would be greatly appreciated

re: Help with look pp296 pedals neededMike Prince
Jul 13, 2001 6:23 AM
Assuming that you are referring to play in the bearings, there is a grey plastic lockring where the axle protrudes from the pedal body. It is marked with arrows so you will know which way is loose/tight. A special splined removal tool should be used to work on this as channel locks, etc. will chew up the plastic pretty badly.

Anyway, try tightening this lockring first. Occassionally they loosen which can introduce some play. Alternatively, if it is time for internal service (rough bearings, lots of riding in wet), once the lockring is off the axle can be removed and the innards accessed, usually involves just degreasing/cleaning the axle/bearings and reassembling. There's a bearing (non-removable) in the far (out) side of the pedal. Just degrease with cotton swabs (or equivalent) and put a nice big spot of grease on the end of the axle during reassembly, this will provide lube to the bearings. Don't overtighten the plastic lockring as it can strip if forced too badly.

Hope this helps.