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Mavic CXP-21 weight vs CXp-33(5 posts)

Mavic CXP-21 weight vs CXp-33skyman51
Jul 10, 2001 2:28 PM
I am replacing the CXP-21 wheels on my Bianchi Veloce with Mavic CXP-33's with Chorus hubs. Just for my own information I have tried to find the specs on the CXP-21 without any success. Any imput would be appreciated,as well as anyones thoughts on the CXP-33's. I am particularly interested in the weight of a CXP-21 rim.
don't have the weights, butHaiku d'état
Jul 10, 2001 2:42 PM
here's the mavic page for the 33s:

have one bike with the 21s and one with the 33s. 33s have a deeper rim, meaning the tube valve doesn't show quite as much, but i've had no problems (perhaps LESS problems) with inflating tubes as a result. the 33s are advertised as "aero" rims or wheelsets, but i haven't been able to tell a difference, beyond a few strong sidewinds pulling me across the road :-).

the 21s came on a 2000 specialized allez sport, the rear had to be rebuilt pretty quick due to popping spokes. i realize this could be a difference in build, spoke quality, whatever, between the ones i was riding (am riding) and the ones you're considering. could be wrong, but i'm not sure they come with the 21s anymore.

when i purchased the bike that currently has the 33s, i asked the guy (GVH) what he thought about the 21s that came on it stock versus an upgrade to 33s due to my weight (195#), and he suggested going with the latter. i've had no problems at all (knock wood) so far with the 33s, and would like to have a set of 'em on my specialized if things ever go south with the 21s.

suspect weight difference will include the hubs and spokes/nipples in the equation, if you want to be accurate to the gram.

good luck.
480 grams for the 21sbigdave
Jul 11, 2001 9:24 PM
Or that's what I had someone tell me once... Dave Thomas of Speeddream fame when i bought wheels from him. Open Pros are about 420... and the 33s are a bit heavier... 430-something.

I have 21s that seem to have had a good build... they have been pretty bulletproof over that last two years and 7k miles. Still pretty true and no real spoke problems to speak of (using 14/15 butted).

My .02? You can get the 33s in cool colors, they are a bit lighter, so I'd give those a whirl.

I don't think is a good idea...Bruno S
Jul 11, 2001 9:45 PM
The CPX-21 and -23 are almost identical to the -33 but without the eyelets. The weight savings will be minimal. Why don't go for an Open Pro which is lighter and cheaper?
From 470 for the -33, 425 for the Open (nm)Bruno S
Jul 11, 2001 9:49 PM