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Noisy hub on Ultegra WH-6500 Wheel(1 post)

Noisy hub on Ultegra WH-6500 Wheelthe_gormandizer
Jul 10, 2001 7:32 AM
After only 800 miles, my Ultegra rear hub is making an audible noise, not when I ride, but if I lift the rear wheel and spin it forward. It's more of a rattle than a grind. My fiance's bike, which has identical wheels but only about 300-400 miles also makes a similar noise, but not as loud. As far as I can detect, there is no play in the hubs.

To pre-empt snide remarks like "take it to your LBS", let me say that I bought the bike from the closest halfway-decent bike store, which is more than 100 miles away. I am going to call them, but wanted to get my facts straight. Plus, although I lack experience, I am determined to do as much of my own bike maintenance as I can.

My initial questions are:
1) Has anybody had similar experience with Ultegra hubs?
2) Any idea what could cause this? My only thought is that I might have got degreaser or water in the bearings, since I keep the bikes scrupulously clean.
3) Am I possibly doing damage by continuing to ride?
4) Should I simply take the wheels into the BS and ask them to fix it?
5) Is there anything additional I should be doing to diagnose/rectify the problem?

Thanks in advance.