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What wheels for everyday?(6 posts)

What wheels for everyday?xBMXRoadie
Jul 10, 2001 6:11 AM
Question from a lurker who has learned alot from this forum since returning to riding a year ago. I'm building a OCLV, and yes I'll admit I'm a wannabe. But I have raced since rejoining the roadie culture. What wheels do you ride everyday? I plan on having at least two wheelsets, one conventional and one specialized. Is there anyone who rides everyday on their Ksyriums, even commuting? Also how many of you ride tubulars only?
Simple everyday wheelsCima Coppi
Jul 10, 2001 7:40 AM
My everyday training set of wheels is a pair of 32 hole 3x clinchers hand build by Joe Young. They are absolutely bomb proof, and fairly light for what they are.

For a good set of everyday wheels, stick to the basics and you'll be pretty happy.

I would not recommend tubulars for everyday usage only because of the pain that they are to repair if you have a flat.
re: What wheels for everyday?grandemamou
Jul 10, 2001 10:44 AM
I ride with several people who ride their krysiums on training rides with no ill effect. For training wheels I use 32h Mavic open pros. Quality rim, relatively inexpensive and if built properly will last a long time. If you want to reduce weight with these you can go butted spokes and alloy nipples.

After a training ride several of us weighed our wheels on a digital scale. My open pros with record hubs were less than an ounce heavier than krysiums. They cost at least half as much but the bladed spokes and deeper rim section on the krysiums may offer some aero advantage.
re: What wheels for everyday?Mike K
Jul 12, 2001 1:29 PM
I train and race on my Ksyriums.. I usually put about 200 miles a week on the wheels and have not had any problems (I'm 170lbs).. I hate having 2 sets of wheels for training and racing (but I do keep a set of RevX around for TT work).
Tubulars are a pain for everyday riding and offer very little if any advantage on race day. I have tubulars on my TT wheels but that has more to do with nostalgia than reality..
re: What wheels for everyday?Steve Bailey
Jul 12, 2001 1:50 PM
I ride a set of Mavic Open Pro on Ultegra hubs, 32 x14/15 DT DB spokes with assorted 23-25mm tires.

My racing and fast club ride wheels are Rolf Comp's

I ride...Rusty McNasty
Jul 19, 2001 4:12 AM
for my everyday usage, I ride an old set of wheels, campy record low-flange, Ambrosia front and Durex rear non-aero tubular rims, both 36 spoke, common lacing. These wheels are as strong as an ox, ride nice, spin forever, and weigh not much. I use Tufo tubulars, 21mm, and have never flatted with them. I use another lightweight set (custom made) with fewer spokes (28/32), radial front, semi radial rear, aero rims, narrower in front. These wheels are light, but too harsh for everyday use. I put Sprinters on the rear, and some skinny-@$$ Clements on front. These will sometimes flat (Sprinter, mostly).