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Trek vs. Specialized(4 posts)

Trek vs. SpecializedCharlie The Fred
Jul 10, 2001 3:51 AM
I know it's probably a no brainer but I'm a fred so please bear with me.

What's the major differences between a Trek 2300 frameset and a Specialized Allez Comp frameset. The 2300's list price is about IRL£850 but my LBS only wants IRL£675, compared to the next cheapest which wanted IRL£750. I've seen a Allez Comp frameset for IRL£480 so how does this compare to the 2300? The next Specialized up that I've seen is an S-WORKS SL frameset for IRL£1,200 so how does it compare to a Trek 5200 frameset, my LBS can get one of these for about IRL£1,000, list price is about the same as the S-Works SL.
re: Trek vs. SpecializedChas
Jul 10, 2001 9:08 AM
I chose the 2300 frame over the allez because:
1. Fit, the 2300 is the same geometry as the 5200 and I just felt more comfortable on it.
2. The 2300 is made in the USA, probably not a consideration for you considering the currency you are using.
3. Weight, the 2300 (size 56) is 2.9 LBS. I believe the Allez is slightly heavier.
4. Looks, I dig the black and red year 2000 2300

I built it using the Rolf Vector Comps and a full Dura Ace drivetrain including shifters. I did'nt save any money but got what I wanted and had fun doing it. Plus I learned a little about bike mechanics.
Both bikes are good choices. If I had an extra 800 US dollars I would have stepped up to the Trek 5500 frame.
Since I don't understand your currency in relation to US dollars I can't give an opinion on whats the best deal.
re: Trek vs. SpecializedBroBiker
Jul 10, 2001 11:32 AM
Another point to consider is warranty. I believe Trek's warranty is lifetime. While Spec. is five years.

I road and Allez A1 for about 6 mos. I enjoyed the frame and the price was very good. However, the frame broke. The replacement frame is M4 S Works with Festina paint. My point is frames do break and its nice to have the assurance of a good warranty.
Thanks guysCharlie the fred
Jul 10, 2001 12:38 PM
Hey thanks for your opinions. Just to let you know I'll be going with the 2300. I've just seen one of them today (sliver 2001 model) and not only are they disturbingly light, but they also look outstanding. I also like the warranty and fact that the 2300 is worth twice as much as the Allez Comp, and it's not twice the price!