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Carbon fork Qs and Component Qs(9 posts)

Carbon fork Qs and Component Qstherearethosewhocallme tim
Jul 9, 2001 4:42 PM
Does anyone have an idea of how much weight can be lost by replacing an 8spd Shimano 600 STI grouppo (not including hubs) with 9spd Ultegra STI. I know there must be decreases in crank weight and other components, but will this switch make an appreciable difference?

Also does anyone know how much a 1995-96 Trek-made System 2 carbon fork weighs? Would it be worth it to replace the threaded setup with a lighter carbon steerer model with a threadless setup? How much weight could I lose there? (I have a Tange headset, system 2 fork, and a system 2 quill stem.)

Also why are some carbon forks a lot cheaper than others? It seems that some LOOK models with carbon steerers are cheaper and lighter (<$200) than those from Reynolds and AME (>$300). Something wrong with these forks?
re: Carbon fork Qs and Component Qsgrz mnky
Jul 9, 2001 5:16 PM
Spot, can I call you Spot? I don't call many people Tim. What do people that don't call you Tim use? ;-)

9 sp. STI grupo saves approx. 1 lb. over 8 speed, primarily in the levers, crank, and BB. DA will get you another 5 oz. Some will say that a lb. doesn't matter, but some of us say it's fairly noticable - you're talking on the order of a 5% difference. Is it worth it - that's really up to you.

Not sure on the System 2 "noodle" fork, but going with a threadless carbon steerer setup saves about 1/2 lbs. YMMV - depending on component selection - my reference is an Ouzo with Ritchey WCS stem and King NoThreadset over a steel steerer carbon Time fork, 600 headset (threaded) and a POS stem. Figure something around $500 for this conversion.

Concerning pricing - I'm a firm believer that what you pay for is what you get - assuming that the market place is working correctly. If you're running a composite steerer you want to make damn sure you have a robust design. A buddy of mine is still trying to get over the shock from finding that his Wound-Up fork was broken and we hit 52.5 mph the previous day..... I don't think that a discount composite steerer fork is much of a value.
re: Carbon fork Qs and Component QsHomer J.
Jul 9, 2001 5:36 PM
Comsumer Reports and other consumer mags prove over & over that a higher price does not a better product make.
Caveat Emptorgrz mnky
Jul 9, 2001 6:00 PM
No, but the converse isn't true either. You can't expect to get a Mercedes for a Yugo price. Sure you can argue that the Mercedes is over priced and there may be a better value out there. This would help explain why I run Reynolds Ouzo Pro and not a Serotta F-1 on my bike.

My point is that the stuff with good quality isn't usually found in the $1.29 bin in front of the check out stand. Consumer Reports is also not free from criticism in the way they evaluate products (they'd probably rate a Huffy as a better value than a Colnago). My caveat was that if the market place is functioning correctly then a higher priced/lower quality product shouldn't sell (for very long). This is a basic assumption in micro economics - then there's reality and things like Bennie Babies. Yes you can easily pay too much for junk. has tons of reviews for crappy over priced products - probably one of the better sources of bike info.

You wanna run a Performance house brand fork, headset,stem combo for $179 that's your business. However, my experience has been that every time I try to save a little $$ on a tool or a product I end up regreting it and buying the better quality product in the end. I'm all in favor of getting what ever you decide on at the best possible price. Remember, the big criticism of a carbon steerer is the durability and it's no secret that the pros replace their stuff on a frequent basis. Being mere mortals I assume that most of us don't want to play this game. I don't ever want to go down at 50 mph again - been there, done that, wasn't fun.

So, if you don't believe what you pay for is what you get - what philosophy do you subscribe too?
re: Look forks....??Rusty Coggs
Jul 9, 2001 6:52 PM
Current all carbon models for less than $200..WHERE?
sorry, i was thinking of easton forks ec-70 for about $200 nm.therearethosewhocallme tim
Jul 10, 2001 3:53 PM
re: Look forks....??Tom Voegeli
Jul 13, 2001 6:48 PM
Bike Nashbar has a bunch of carbon forks at blow out prices. I got their catalog yesterday. Some as low as $169. I thinks.
re: Carbon fork Qs and Component QsFlava
Jul 10, 2001 1:40 PM
From a performance standpoint these upgrades would be worthwhile. From a cost perspective it doesn't make much sense to me to spend between $500-$800 to perform these upgrades on a 95-96 Trek. Not that it's a bad bike, but for just a bit more money you could get a whole new ride. Just my opinion. If you're set on doing so, spend the money on wheels if you want to lighten up your bike in a way that really matters.
actually, it's a klein with the trek junk on it. nmtherearethosewhocallme tim
Jul 10, 2001 3:52 PM