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Real weight of Look pedals??(5 posts)

Real weight of Look pedals??Ince
Jul 9, 2001 2:55 PM
The Look website lists the high end pedals at under 200g. bicycling mag. just reviewed the cx7 at 355. which is right?
the under 200g is for one pedal...(nm)C-40
Jul 9, 2001 6:40 PM
just weighed mineDog
Jul 9, 2001 9:22 PM
Just weighed my PP206 and PP296. 176 and 215 grams, respectively - for each pedal. Amazingly, the 206 is their cheapest, lightest, and largest platform pedal. They tend to run a little heavier than advertised.

surprisedDuane Gran
Jul 10, 2001 9:46 AM
I'm surprised to hear that you use Look pedals. I know your magnificent feats of reducing weight on the bike and these pedals seem on the portly side to me. Of course, I have little room to talk as I'm using SPD-R, but it is comfy and I stick with it. Lately I've been interested to try some different pedals. Is there something about the Look model that makes it worth the weight for you?
Looks vs. SpeedplaysDog
Jul 11, 2001 8:02 AM
Actually, I go back and forth between the Speedplays and Looks. I really like the lightweight of the Speedplays, and after some really, really hard mileage this spring on the Looks, when my knee started hurting (likely from hard gears up big hills, though), I switched back to Speedplays.

Problem with the Speedplays is that they have always caused a lot of pain to the back of my lower leg up through my hamstrings. I can't figure it out. Also, I just can't stand the "running in mud" feeling I get when climbing hard or sprinting. Also, after the Terrible Two on the Speedplays, I actually had silver dollar-sized bruises on the bottoms of my feet over the cleat area. Hmmm.

The Look 206 is roughly 200 grams heavier as a package than X/1's. The Looks are soooo much more comfortable. I figured out that over even a really, really long, steep hill (10% grade over 60 (sixty)miles of climbing), the weight will cost me potentially just over a minute, but the overall comfort and less fatigue on my legs will likely more than make up for it with over all faster speed. My theory, anyway.