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Re: wheel post below, my LBS is big on Rolf Vector Comps?!(6 posts)

Re: wheel post below, my LBS is big on Rolf Vector Comps?!posty
Jul 9, 2001 1:51 PM
My LBS is big on Rolf wheels. On this site CXP-33s were suggested (I'm 205), or perhaps open pros... IS this guy just selling shit or are the Rolfs OK for big guys? This site has some mostly good reviews...

Sorry if this is repetetive, but I'm getting lots of conflicting advice.
re: Re: wheel post below, my LBS is big on Rolf Vector Comps?!Jofa
Jul 9, 2001 2:41 PM
Trek reward their dealers well; I'm sure your lbs has a good markup on Rolf wheels, especially when measured against the employ of a mechanic for two hours to build a wheelset from largely European (imported) components. No wheel should be designed to such tight constraints that regular use by a person weighing 205lb would be a problem, and I doubt that even the Rolfs are this. They are, however, heavier, more expensive, less durable, more complex to repair and harder to source parts for than a regular wheelset, the kind that has been arrived at after a century of fine tuning.
thanks. (nm)posty
Jul 9, 2001 3:05 PM
re: Re: wheel post below, my LBS is big on Rolf Vector Comps?!jim Hubbard
Jul 9, 2001 7:01 PM
The other problem is(it may not be so in the states) but they need to be sent back to the importer etc for spoke replacement because LBS are not given the nipple wrenchs.
re: Re: wheel post below, my LBS is big on Rolf Vector Comps?!Steve Bailey
Jul 9, 2001 8:08 PM
Now you need to go to the shop where you will buy such wheels and ask about repairs. You will discover that the Comp's can use any old spoke of the proper length, and that you could true them youself if needed with a standard spoke wrench (unlike the Pro's, which need a modified nut driver). The myth of "you're stuck if you break a spoke" is also not true as: 1) Spokes on these wheels don't break that often, the wheels are incredibly tough, and 2) It's still ridable should you break one.

I did a good bit of research last fall as to similar options. I wanted a more aero race wheel as compared to a set of Open Pro's. The Rolf's are certainly more aero, and are about the same weight, certainly not heavier enough to make a difference.

My other options in this price range ($385 with tax at a LBS) were Speed Dreams. I liked the recomendations I had seen but was put off by the issue of getting them fixed via mail order, thus the LBS purchase.

I also did a good bit of asking around in my club, where a good many Pro's and Comp's were in use as OEM on Trek's and Kleins. No problems and many nice things to say about the ride. Ditto the 4 LBS's that sold them. All had favorable comments, even for riders heavier then myself (200 lbs).

Would I use these wheels for everyday use ?, No. My Open Pro's serve fine for this use.

For weekend fast club rides and races ?, Yes and that's how I use them

I'm sold.

re: Re: wheel post below, my LBS is big on Rolf Vector Comps?!Chas
Jul 10, 2001 9:35 AM
I use Rolfs on both my trail bike and on my road bike.
I was over 230lbs last summer when I started riding again. Had to have my old wheels trued twice within a month. Bought a new Trek 8000 with Rolfs and have never had to true them and I've been on some ruff trails, log jumps, 5 foot drops.
That sold me so when I built my road bike over the winter I got the Rolf Vector Comps. 300 bucks from a bike shop in Santa Barbara Ca. (actually the owner was Lance's mechanic in last years TDF)I placed a wanted to buy on this web site and got a response the first day. I'm down to 205lbs and both sets of Rolfs are as true today as they were when new. No loose or broken spokes. Plus they look cool. I highly recommend them for heavier riders