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HELP ! for Mavic Cosmic Equipe wheel(1 post)

HELP ! for Mavic Cosmic Equipe wheelbooger
Jul 8, 2001 6:02 PM
Someone please help me !! I have acosmic equipe wheel that is making a horrible noise while peddling only. Under coasting, it seems fine. It almost sounds as if a pawl is broken in the hub. The derilluer is adjusted spot on, and I have another wheel that I use as a primary, with no problem ( Iswapped cassettes also, to eliminate that variable). When I pedal it sounds as if the der. is way off, or have a skipping chain, or breaking spokes. It's terrible. There's only about 300 miles on it. I thought if a pawl would break, it would freeze the hub up, as it did on my MTB. Anyone with a similar problem or suggestion on how to fix it ?? Thank you !!