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Has anyone tried, or heard of, Kelley "Take Offs"(2 posts)

Has anyone tried, or heard of, Kelley "Take Offs"Evan
Jul 8, 2001 11:41 AM
I'm trying to move my shifters up from the downtube
to the handlebar and this seems like it may be a
cheaper alternative to expensive STI shifters that
may not even be compatible with my older Suntour
components. If you have experience with these
"Take Offs" let me know what you think.

re:Got two sets in the JUNK box.Rusty Coggs
Jul 8, 2001 6:12 PM
They are heavy, awkward and absolutely no improvenebt over bar end shifters(IMHO). Another point is that the 'finish' came off almost immediately. sell an adapter pod to convert your downtubers to barend for $20 I think. Bought my Kellys from the same source for $40 a set.