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Help with indexed Shimano 105 threaded headset.(2 posts)

Help with indexed Shimano 105 threaded headset.scy
Jul 8, 2001 2:27 AM
Bought a 4 year old bike used in January; looks like it was never ridden. It has the Shimano 8 speed gruppo. After 2500 miles the threaded headset is indexed. I have another bike with the exact same parts that I can swap out.

Please help answer the following:

1. If I swap out all the 105 headset parts except for the part that's tight on the fork (I think it's called the "race"), will this be enough? Or is the fork "race" (?) part of the problem?

2. If I also need to replace the race, what tools can I use to take it off (I heard that a 5 lb. dumbell weight can be used to slam it back on)?

3. Is the 105 headset crap? How long should it last? Should I just get a better headset?
get a new headset...C-40
Jul 8, 2001 6:24 PM
Assuming that you're on a tight budget and don't want to pay $100 for a Chris King, an Ultegra model should work fine. Many others are available in the $35 price range.

Early headset failure is often due to improper adjustment. You've probably been riding it for a long time with it adjusted too loose. The road bumps and vibration will beat the crap out of the races on any headset given this treatment.

When you get the new one on, check it frequently for any play. Ideally there should be zero clearance, with a slight preload on the bearings, but no binding, as you turn the fork. If any play develops, you should be able to feel it if you clamp the front brake and rock the bike back and forth.

I'll skip the long details of installing a headset without specials tools. I've done it with a hammer, large screwdriver, a 1 foot length of 1 inch copper tubing, and a block of wood.

The mechanic at your LBS will have all the tools to do it correctly and quickly. To be done properly you need a headset cup removing tool, a fork race removing tool, a fork race installation tool, and a headset press.