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heliums with campy cassette(4 posts)

heliums with campy cassettercaddy
Jul 7, 2001 7:16 AM
Anyone out there run Heliums with a campy (or mavic) cassette? What is your opinion on this?
Thanks in advance for you input
re: heliums with campy cassetteunobtainium
Jul 7, 2001 8:45 AM
You cannot put a Campy cassette on a Helium. You need to get a Wheels Mfg ( cassette (9 or 10 spd) assuming you have Campy drivetrain.This is what I did. The Mavic M10 cassette is another option if you have 10 spd Campy drivetrain, but I don't think the Helium's freehub has the required longer M10 free hub. Otherwise if you have a Shimano drivetrain its much cheaper to put on a Shimano cassette
re: heliums with campy cassettejzinckgra
Jul 7, 2001 1:39 PM
well if you are lucky enough like me, you may be able to put a DA 9 speed (if u have 9) cassette on and use campy ergos. That's just what I did last week. I upgraded to Chorus 9 speed and almost bought the wheels manufacturing cassette, but a friend had a DA cassette and it works flawlessly. Also, I'm using a HG92 chain. Good luck.
re: heliums with campy cassettemanicmtbr
Jul 7, 2001 2:19 PM
Depending upon what you are running, you can get a cassette body from Mavic for an 8 Speed Campy set-up. I have a friend who bought heliums at a swap meet and they had this body. Since he runs Shimano, he had to buy the Shimano compatible cassete body to make them work for him. The Campy/Shimano 9 speed differences are minimal and will work with each other without problems. I have no advice for a 10 speed set-up.