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Calling All Wrenches...D/A Shifter Setup Question(4 posts)

Calling All Wrenches...D/A Shifter Setup QuestionPsyDoc
Jul 6, 2001 5:50 AM
In the Shimano instructions for setting up D/A shifters, there are three components for setting up/running the brake cable. First, there is the inner stainless steel cable. Second, there is the SLR gray outer casing. Third, there is the outer guide...a flexible piece of clear plastic with an angled metal part attached at one end. On one of my friends bikes, my wife's bike (Team Fuji purchased through CC), and a new Cannondale R2000 I saw being unpacked at the LBS, this third component was not installed. What gives? Is the installation of the outer casing not necessary? Thanks.
re: Calling All Wrenches...D/A Shifter Setup QuestionMike Prince
Jul 6, 2001 6:55 AM
I did not install the outer guide when I set up a new 105 group on my Cannondale last year. I did when I set up the D/A on my new Steelman a few weeks ago. I find that it makes the bar a larger diameter (which I like as I have big hands) and I don't have to tape the housing down to the handlebad as the outer casing is taped.

Having said that, I can't notice any difference in braking performance between the two set-ups. I guess the outer casing is meant for when the bar is not grooved. I'll probably continue to use it as I like the chunkier bar feel.

I have not seen a bike with it installed other than mine, although the guide is completely covered by the bar tape.
Thanks for the reply (nm)PsyDoc
Jul 6, 2001 8:16 AM
re: Calling All Wrenches...D/A Shifter Setup Questionscrewhead
Jul 6, 2001 6:56 AM
send it back...