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any experience with keywin pedals?(4 posts)

any experience with keywin pedals?Duane Gran
Jul 5, 2001 11:48 AM
I'm in the mood for some new pedals, and I'm a weight weenie. Speedplay's are too "floaty" for my taste, but I think I found some cool pedals:

The US dealer is Big Twin Cycling ( and the Ti pedals cost only $140. Compared to some other light models out there, this is pretty reasonable.

Has anyone had any exposure to these or heard anything about them? In particular, I'm trying to find out about compatibility with Carnac Ellipse shoes.
re: any experience with keywin pedals?Jim Hubbard
Jul 5, 2001 1:16 PM
I am a New Zealander(Kiwi) and these pedals are made in this country. They have a resin body ti/ cro-mo axial and sealed bearings not much to them. They fit the look bolt pattern. They have about 6° of float. The system is unique because it is the pedal body that floats not the cleat. This float can be looked out with adapters. Also available are trak pins that engage so that you can't put your foot. The engaging motion is unique and not difficult to learn, I won't try and describ it. A large % of New Zealands top riders use these because of the weight and quality. I hope this helps.
re: any experience with keywin pedals?Duane Gran
Jul 5, 2001 6:09 PM
Thanks for the info. I recently received an email response from their sales department saying that my shoes will be fine if they accept a look cleat, so this should be alright. My only hesitation might be that the cleat seems to be pretty fragile, like the Looks. One thing I like about the SPD-R is that the metal cleat is rugged, but that is okay. I will probably spring for these pedals as I'm in the mood for something different.
re: any experience with keywin pedals?jim hubbard
Jul 6, 2001 3:13 PM
The cleats are very rugged. They don't break or snap. Because they are a thin molded resin design, and the way they clip in you can't break them. As a testiment to this they are used by NZ trackie's including the sprinters. The only thing to be aware of with the pedals is that the cleat position does need to be set up right because of the decrease of float compared to other pedals. Other than that these pedals are the best buy period for price/weight.