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my cure for the look cleat creak(6 posts)

my cure for the look cleat creaks. mcfall
Jul 5, 2001 8:02 AM
the creaking was driving me being a machinist at cornell
university, i took it upon myself to make a prototype look cleat made out of teflon sheet...(looks like the red cleat w/the float)so far it has been working great, no creaks,and seems to hold up as good or better than the red cleats with walking and such. i'll see how they hold up after 6months of use,i dont know if i could sell these though...isnt there a patent on look products?
Jul 5, 2001 8:27 AM
what do you think?
re: my cure for the look cleat creaktrx0x
Jul 5, 2001 10:53 AM
cool...teflon cleats. i've always thorught about something like that, but was worried about the abrasion resistance, especially when walking (although we ALL know better than to walk around the street with cleats on). I don't know if you'd have problems if you sold them. I often see those Exus Look-style red cleats at the LBS; maybe you just need permission from Look to use the design...who knows. I wouldn't mind having a set, though.
how does the cost of Teflon compare?DaveG
Jul 5, 2001 11:43 AM
The Armor All treatment has worked well for me so far, but the Teflon idea is a good one as long as they wear well and the cost isn't prohibitive.
re: my cure for the look cleat creakJay Davenport
Jul 6, 2001 2:13 PM
Just rub wax on your cleats, and pedals..Cheap solution...
re: my cure for the look cleat creakJofa
Jul 7, 2001 7:15 AM
I've definitely seen aluminium Look cleats made, years ago, by another company... I can't remember who, however. They were reviewed in a bike mag, and I've seen riders use and praise them, though I always wondered about the copyright infringement. Perhaps the fact that I've not seen them in about 6-7 years is my answer. Mind you, we've all seen and bought "Look- style" cleats cheaply, and I've no idea who makes those, so maybe there is a way around it...