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Crankset torque specs(2 posts)

Crankset torque specsdan ida
Jul 4, 2001 8:26 PM
I'm installing a new bottom bracket and new 105 8 speed crank set and would like to know the torque specs for both- bottom bracket and crank arm bolts. Must be a chart somewhere on the web of what is the right way, not just pull till it seems right. thanks!!!!

re: Crankset torque specsMike Prince
Jul 5, 2001 3:03 AM
This is from the Ultegra install instructions, but I believe it is the same for 105:

Cartridge BB Cups: 50-70 Nm (435 - 608 in. lbs.)
Crankarm Bolts: 35 - 50 Nm (305 - 435 in. lbs.)

You can download the installation pdf's for 9 speed 105 stuff directly from Shimano's European web site (maybe the American one too), just go to and follow the links. Just keep in mind that they probably will not have the 8-spd specs for 105, so just look at the Sora or Tiagra specs (non-splined BB) to get the right torque values. Have fun.