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Ultegra STI - I’ve got a screw missing!(4 posts)

Ultegra STI - I’ve got a screw missing!Jim A
Jul 3, 2001 2:53 PM
You know that little phillips head screw (I guess technically it's a bolt) barely visible at the underside of the hoods on Ultegra levers (1999), at the top of the small release lever? It fell out of my right lever. I discovered this only after the shifter started doing strange things. Last year I discovered this screw was loose after a shift that resulted in the large lever pivoting 90 degrees to horizontal where it stayed. (This kind of things should not happen to high end components after just a few months use.) I tightened the screw it but I guess I should have Locktite-ed it cause it's gone. Does anyone know a source for these screws? Or do I have to buy new levers? Actually I've been waiting for an excuse to replace these rattley levers anyway. My rattle does not originate from loose caps as so many have suggested, but from the small lever hitting the large lever while riding rough roads. I've noticed the 2001 levers seem to have a "bumper" on the small lever right where it would be needed to prevent this noise.

As a preventative measure, Ultegra STI owners should check this screw regularly for tightness.
Loose (Lost) ScrewDCP
Jul 4, 2001 2:09 PM
I had the same thing happen with the right lever of my 105. The LBS had to order the screw from Shimano (its is rather wide but short) which took about a week. My shifter had rattled a lot coming from contact between the levers. Not too surprisingly, the rattle was coming from the fact that that rotten screw was loose. Once it finally came out and I had the screw replaced, the rattle was gone. Now I check it.

The really annoying part was that when I had earlier complained to the LBS that the shifter rattled, instead of checking anything, they just said that "they all do that."
ThanksJim A
Jul 5, 2001 7:50 AM
I just assumed that individual parts for these levers were not available from Shimano. I guess I'll have to break down and visit the LSB (I'm trying to stay LSB-free). I'm definately going to get a few screws for the tool box too.
re: Ultegra STI - I’ve got a screw missing!Rich5312
Jul 5, 2001 4:32 PM
I lost the same screw a few weeks ago. My LBS replaced it and told me it takes the same screw used to hold most bike computer magnets in place