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D/A 8 to 9 speed upg kit - worth it, and prices?(6 posts)

D/A 8 to 9 speed upg kit - worth it, and prices?jamiebrown
Jul 3, 2001 12:59 AM
I searched the archives looking for info on upgrading D/A 8 to 9 speed, and found 300 postings on whether or not you can use 7700 shifters with 1977 Nuovo Record hubs, but nothing specific to the $400 or so "upgrade kit" from our friends at big S. If there are previous postings covering this, please let me know and I'll look harder.

My potential reasons for upgrading:
1) my 11-21 is too macho for me with San Francisco riding. I need a 12-25 or 27, and can't find a cassette easily. I've dicked around with 105 and Ultegra cassettes, and neither shifts anywhere NEAR as smooth as the D/A.
2) Flight Deck looks way cool.
3) Why not?

Not that my 8-speed doesn't work great, and not that I even need Dura Ace anyway - nor will I ever be as good a rider as my Serotta, either, but I wanted one for 15 years and that's that. If I were smart, I'd switch to Ultegra 3x and probably be perfectly happy, but I just can't make the emotional move 'down' a group.

Are there other benefits (or probs) with making the 9-speed move that make it make any sense at all? I believe the kit is levers, rear, cassette and chain - true that you need a small front cog (but not a new rear hub) as well?

Second question - anyone know where to get a friggin' 12-27 8speed D/A cassette and will it shift ok?

Any thoughts from those who have ridden both appreciated.
re: Was worth it to mekevinpmac
Jul 3, 2001 8:21 AM
I did the kit last October. The reason for the upgrade had nothing to do with performance of the old group. My 8 speed was working very well. That said, the difference was amazing. The group shifts crisper than I could have hoped for. It does exactly what you ask of it. Click it once- it shifts one gear. Twice=two gears, etc... It has not missed a single shift in 3-4,000 miles.

The shifters felt a little strange at first. Now, my beater bike with 8 speed feels even stranger.

Only you know if it is worth it. The 9 speed group is better. My opinion is... it is much better.

1)I run a 23 big cog now due to the extra one. It does come in handy climbing out of the hood on cold legs.
2) Shifts better than I ever dreamed a bike could.
3) Lighter
4) Rear hub is interchangable 8-9 speed.

Good luck finding a 27 8 speed DA cogset.
Check Nashbar for 8 speed DA cassettesDave Hickey
Jul 3, 2001 9:37 AM
Nashar has 8 speed DA casettes. I know they had some large sizes but I cannot remember if they had 12-27. I believe they were selling for $42.95.
re: D/A 8 to 9 speed upg kit - worth it, and prices?Len J
Jul 3, 2001 10:51 AM
Both Performance & Nashbar advertise the 12/27
no neutral wheelsstr8dum
Jul 3, 2001 11:54 AM
In a crit with neutral support, they all use 9 speed cassettes. If you dont race, then who cares 8 or 9 speed. Performance, Nashbar, Cambria etc all carry the 8 speed cassettes. Might as well look at 8 speed mountain bike stuff. Prolly tons of those cassttes on
re: D/A 8 to 9 speed upg kit - worth it, and prices?jim hubbard
Jul 5, 2001 1:50 PM
I am sorry if this sounds a bit elitest but the only time I have had to use anything near this was a 25 and that was at the end of a 130k stage up a 1.5k climb that steepens to 1 in 5, 300m from the top. You must be able to get away with something smaller if not try using paarts off mtb clusters, serious, same tech and easier to get hold of. The good thing about 8 spd was that you could customise individual clusters with pick and choose cogs. I miss this faeature with 9spd. As for the upgrade. I ride dura-ace 9 but only because I race, if not I would be happy with something lesser and be a bit heavier in the pocket. However if you demand the best then do it you can't go past it for shift quality, durability, and asthetics. Hope this helps some.