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Shimano 10 speed gearing(2 posts)

Shimano 10 speed gearingLone Gunman
Jul 2, 2001 2:06 PM
Any rumors or fact if Shimano will come out with a 10 speed upgrade in the near future? I want to snag a DA 9 after they do.
The rumor mill says nothing new..Cima Coppi
Jul 2, 2001 4:18 PM
I have heard that nothing new is in the immediate future for Shimano drivetrain innovation and evolution. Also, I have heard that there may be an electronic shifting system in the works, but not to be released for a couple of years. Take this with a grain of salt, because you know about rumors!!!

For now, Shimano may be taking the stand of "Don't fix what isn't broken". They've got their 9-speed dialed in pretty well.