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diff between DA 7400 and 7700 brake calipers?(7 posts)

diff between DA 7400 and 7700 brake calipers?roybite
Jul 1, 2001 6:47 PM
Are the dual pivot 7700's a significant improvement in performance from the single pivot 7400's? What is the weight difference(for both front and rear) between the two? I am wondering if it is worth upgrading. Thanks in advance for your info and time.
re: diff between DA 7400 and 7700 brake calipers?Rusty Coggs
Jul 1, 2001 7:19 PM
I bet this is a hot button item. Depends alot on your riding style and expectations. If you are a serious racer,maybe the dual pivots would make a difference. I have dual pivots I have sold, and/or don't use due to being heavier than single pivots and offer no advantage in braking for my riding. I don't race. I use 105 and ultegra/600 single pivots. As usual, others may differ.
re: diff between DA 7400 and 7700 brake calipers?Dave Hickey
Jul 2, 2001 4:01 AM
I have both. The 7700's work better but as the above poster said, it depends on your riding style. If you really want dual pivot Dura Ace brakes, get an old pair of 7403's. They work just as well as the 7700's.
Mix the brakes...Cima Coppi
Jul 2, 2001 8:42 AM
Try a setup similar to what Campy is doing right now. Put the 7700 on the front for your improved braking, and put a 7400 on the rear to reduce the weight.

Of course, I have read several folks prefer the Ultegra brakes over the current model D/A.
7700 and 7400 RINGS??bear
Jul 4, 2001 8:37 PM
what about 7700 and 7400 Rings?? how do they differ???
7700=9spd, 7400=8spd (nm)Mike Prince
Jul 5, 2001 2:56 AM
7700=9spd, 7400=8spd (nm)bear
Jul 5, 2001 6:58 PM
thank you