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Mavic Cosmic hub adjustment(2 posts)

Mavic Cosmic hub adjustmentspookyload
Jun 30, 2001 7:36 PM
I recently picked up a set of cosmic wheels cheap. They are pristine conditions wheels except for the rear hub. The bearings are loose. Every hub I have worked on have some sort of lock nut or locking collar, but these don't. I have the adustment where I want it with the adjusable cone on the drive side, but nothing to secure it. Am I supposed to use locktite or something similar. The wheels came without documentation, so I am at a loss here.
re: Mavic Cosmic hub adjustmentTJeanloz
Jul 1, 2001 12:15 PM
With all Mavic wheels there is only one hub adjustment that needs to be done. You shouldn't be fussing with the cones on the drive side, you're likely to really muck things up. On the non-drive side, you'll see a silver ring with 6 (or maybe 8) dimples in it. Mavic produces a special tool that fits precisely into these dimples. Insert the tool, adjust the hub, you're done. All adjustments to Mavic hubs MUST be done with the wheel in the bike (or in a set of fake dropouts) to get them right. If you don't have the tool, get one from your nearest Mavic dealer for around $10.