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Cracked Campy Crank(3 posts)

Cracked Campy CrankLuis
Jun 30, 2001 7:22 PM
Before heading out this morning I discovered that the left crank on my bike is cracked all of the way through on the axle end. The crack is on the very end and meets one of the corners of the square hole. It's a Campy Racing T.

The piece has been in use for about 18 months; no crashes and medium use. I used a short 8mm allan wrench to install it.

My questions are whether this is a common occurrence and, more importantly, what kind of response I can expect from Campy USA when I call them on Monday morning.
re: Cracked Campy CrankDMoore
Jul 1, 2001 7:33 AM
The first thing the Campy folks will tell you will be to take it back to your dealer. They won't handle repairs/warranty issues directly with the consumer. I went through the same thing when I broke the body of a carbon ergo lever body a while back.

My LBS (which was NOT where I bought the part) sent it to Campy. They replaced it -- free of charge -- and returned it very quickly. My problem was the result of crash damage, NOT Campy's fault. With something that sounds like a defect, I'd expect them to take care of you.

Good luck.
re: Cracked Campy CrankTJeanloz
Jul 1, 2001 12:11 PM
A lot of Campy Veloce/Racing T/Mirage left cranks crack, Campy will happily send a replacement to your LBS.