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Giant Once TT bike(3 posts)

Giant Once TT bikeChris McDonnell
Jun 29, 2001 9:29 AM
Does anyone know the spec of the Once TT bikes, I know they use a Giant TCR frame bur apparantly there is a TCR time trial frame as well. What's the difference? Also, I'd like to know what bars/groupset/wheels they use as I'd like to build one


re: Giant Once TT bikeChris McDonnell
Jun 29, 2001 9:30 AM
One more thing. How do they come up size wise, i'm quite small 5'6" and ride a 52 cm Trek OCLV which has a 53 cm top tube, I have heard that you should use a slightly smaller TT bike, so should I use a TCR small?

Thanks again

re: Giant Once TT bikeDougal
Jul 2, 2001 3:28 AM
With regards to the frame itself there are no huge differences. The geometry is slighlty more streched out and the tubing is intended to be more aero (I think its taller but thinner?). They don't sell them as a complete bike, only as a frameset but I'm sure the shop you buy it in can help you get it built up.

For what its worth the fastest man in the UK last year, Micheal Hutchinson rides an OCR-1 with a tri-spoke front and disk rear. He does 18 minute 10m TTs, and recently did a 51 25m TT in the RTTC 25 championships. If its good enough for him...