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Clicking noise from rear derailleur(4 posts)

Clicking noise from rear derailleurpokey
Jun 28, 2001 7:02 AM
At least, that's where I think the noise is coming from.

Gruppo: 8sp Ultegra STI.

When the bike is on a stand and I go thru the gears, all is fine. The rear dearilleur and the chain are aligned.

When I'm riding on the flat and I'm not putting a lot of stress on the drive train, all is fine.

It's when I put stress on the drive train, e.g. mashing uphill, that's when I notice the clicking noise.

There used to be a creaking noise as well, but after I tightening the rear wheel QR, the creaking noise is gone.

Any ideas what's going on?
Old chain/cassette?onrhodes
Jun 28, 2001 10:15 AM
I just recently replace my chain and cassette that had over 4,000 miles on them. They had been doing similar to what you described above.
Now with a new chain and cassette, it is beautifully silent and smooth.
Try cleaning the chain and cassette completely and then relube. See if that helps.
re: Clicking noise from rear derailleurempirebikes
Jun 28, 2001 10:47 PM
Here are some things to check:

Is your cogset tight?
Is your saddle tight?
Is you bottom bracket and cracnk arms tight?
Is there a crack in your frame?
Do you have loose spokes in the rear wheel?

Sometimes it is the not-so-obvious things.
re: Clicking noise from rear derailleurVelocipedio
Jul 2, 2001 8:22 AM
Is it an aluminum frame? The reason I ask is that aluminum frames conduct sound from all over the bike very efficiently. Consequently, the sound that you THINK is coming from the rear of the bike may be coming from the pedals/cranks/rings or the front.

As others have suggested, check that everything that SHOULD be screwed-down tight IS screwed down tight. That includes chainrings, cogs and BB.

You might also want to see whether your pedals need lube at the spindles, or if there is some grit obstructing pedal rotation. The problem might also have something to do with your cleats, so make sure they're fasteded tightly. If you're using SPD-type pedals, you may want to lubricate the clip mechanism. I do that by spraying it with PAM -- do NOT use WD-40! It can eat away at the rubber seals on the spindle.

Finally, check your saddle. I had a clicking/creaking sound on my [aluminum] MTB. When I lightly greased the rails, it went away.