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Rolf or Shimano wheels?(7 posts)

Rolf or Shimano wheels?John5689
Jun 27, 2001 7:14 PM
I'm looking to put a new pair of wheels on my 5500. I'm considering either Rolf Vector Comps or Shimano WH 535 wheels. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, John
re: Rolf or Shimano wheels?Jim Kuhn
Jun 28, 2001 5:32 AM
CONSIDER MAVIC KSYRIUM........I do not know anything (other than what I read and the Rolf's get higher marks) about either of these wheels. However I have a pair of the Ksyrium and they are extremely fast. (Lance rides them). I know they are one of the lightest wheel sets on the market and retail for about $800.00. (expensive). I saw them on for about $550.00 new (excellent deal). You will not be dissappointent with these wheels I have about 3K n mine and they as true as the day I got them. Good luck, Jim
Ksyriums lightest? Nah...ColnagoFE
Jul 3, 2001 2:19 PM
They are a respectable weight, but there are plenty of wheelsets lighter than Ksyrium. A selling point with them though is they are supposed to be really durable for heavier riders.
re: Rolf or Shimano wheels?Dean
Jun 28, 2001 7:03 AM
I have a set of Vector Pro's and I love them. I just rode them for my local MS ride and did the century routes both days. I had no mechanical problems or flats. You may also hear that theses are stiff wheels, but I do not notice that problem. Also, I weigh 230 so I am not eay on wheels. I would recommend the Comps over the Shimano wheels and I would say the Vector Pro's and Ksyriums are very close. Good luck.
think twice about rolf'sbianchi boy
Jun 28, 2001 8:19 AM
My brother put a set of Rolf's on his bike in December, and based on his experience I would never buy a set. Although the wheels are strong and light, they have some serious drawbacks -- mainly their lack of water resistance. The wheels can fill up with water when you wash the bike or ride in rain because the spokes don't have nipples. My brother has to remove the tires and dry out his wheels whenever this happens, and it apparently has caused some of the spokes to corrode and break. I have heard this same problem reported by other Rolf owners on this website. Personally, I cannot believe someone would design a set of expensive wheels that are not water resistant. Myself, I'll stick with my Mavic Open Pros, which are relatively light and bulletproof -- and waterproof!
re: Rolf or Shimano wheels?Red Baron
Jun 28, 2001 9:55 AM
I've had the Vector Comps for a couple of years. Strong wheelset, no problems, no trueing needed. I weight 170lbs. Stiff ride though.
Just got Shimano 535 wheels for my other bike. More comfortable than the Rolfs, approx. the same weight, better price, very similar aero characteristics. Side spoke lateral crossover may be a better design creating less rim tip weight to hold high tension bladed spokes like Rolf does.

Like me if pricepoint is an issue go for the Shimanos. LBS has had few if any returns on any Shimano or Rolf wheels and they cater to a lot of hard road cyclists.

(We all wish we could afford Kysriums! )
re: Rolf or Shimano wheels?ColnagoFE
Jul 3, 2001 2:18 PM
neither? I've heard bad things about both.