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Velocity AeroHead rims...(2 posts)

Velocity AeroHead rims...BudhaSlug
Jun 26, 2001 3:19 PM
I'm considering rebuilding my road wheels with some velocity aerohead rims (32hole), replacing the current Ritchey Aero Road rims. (current lacing is radial front and 3x/1x rear to campy 8spd athena low flange hubs). Anyone have input on how strong these rims are? I only weigh 140lb, but I'm going to be doing a 600 mile tour on the bike (my legs aren't in shape to take the fixee) and will be carrying about 20-25lbs of gear. The ritchey rims are in pretty good shape, and have held up for the 6 months or so I've had them, but I'm tempted to relace the wheels anyway (I used 15g spokes when I built these, and after just breaking one seemingly at random, I'm not trusting them too much). The new wheels would be laced radial front and 3x/2x rear most likely. I'm trying to justify the $60 for the rims that it will cost me ($40 for black DT 14/15 spokes, but thats what I'd use just for the relacing as well).

Thanks for any input,
Peace and Light,
Strong for their weightKerry Irons
Jun 27, 2001 7:25 PM
And at your weight, even with 25 lb of gear, they will hold up fine. A good build and these rims make a good wheel. As far as justifying the price of the rims: you seem to be able to justify paying a bunch extra for spoke cosmetics, so paying for good rims shouldn't scare you.