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Speedplay X-2 Problem-Can't Clip In!(6 posts)

Speedplay X-2 Problem-Can't Clip In!Jonathan C
Jun 26, 2001 8:16 AM
Greetings all,

I purchased a pair of Speedplay X-2's last year for my road bike and mounted them on Performance Royale shoes. They worked well last year and at the beginning of this ride season. However, during the last few weeks it suddenly became nearly impossible to clip into them.

I thought maybe dirt in the cleat was the problem so I took the cleat apart and cleaned them and reinstalled them. I also checked the pedal body for damage/dirt but saw nothing unusual. Well, the left pedal seems to have improved but the right one is still impossible to clip into. (I went on a 60 mile hilly ride in Howard County, MD with the bike attached to my right foot the whole time. Nice.)

Anyway, this last weekend I borrowed my brother's Sidi Genius shoes with Speedplay cleats attached and the problem was "nearly" solved. However, he thought that my pedals were still harder to clip into than his brand new X-3's on his new road bike.

Do any Speedplay gurus out there have any advice for me? I can't imagine I damaged the cleat (although I do walk sometimes) and the pedal bodies are in reasonable condition. I may just buy a set of new X-3s on sale at for $79.99, but I hate to since I dropped a wad on the X-2's last year.

Thanks in advance,

re: Speedplay X-2 Problem-Can't Clip In!gwilliams
Jun 26, 2001 10:02 AM
I have the same setup as you and have been using mine for about 3000 miles with no problem. I alway use cleat covers when I walk, also putting White Lightning or simular product on the cleats helps.

re: Speedplay X-2 Problem-Can't Clip In!jschrotz
Jun 26, 2001 11:24 AM
Make sure that the cleats aren't bolted down too tightly to your shoes. This brings the retention spring too close to the sole to allow you to clip in. Try loosening the cleat a bit. I'm using blue loctite on the bolt threads so that they stay in place.
re: Speedplay X-2 Problem-Can't Clip In!Eames
Jun 26, 2001 1:27 PM
Grease the spring portion. I spent a lovely 30 miles last weekend trying to get clipped in, when I finally did I wasn't ever coming out. I actually took the shoe off at the rest stop leaving it on the bike. Then next day I applied one drop of chain lube to the retention spring and clipped in immediately.
Another possibilityLazy
Jun 26, 2001 2:19 PM
All the others have some very good recommendations. I would try all of those. If it still doesn't work, it's possible that you bent the metal plate on the cleat. The portion that forms the open part of the circle on the axle side of the cleat is very thin and prone to bending. It's possible that you bent this piece when stepping on a chunk of gravel or something.

I would recommend buying some new cleats for about $35 or so before sinking $160 into some new pedals. Or, since your brothers shoes worked better, try your shoes on his pedals. The results could tell you quite a bit.

Other troubleshooting questions:

Do you remember the circumstances around when you first noticed this problem?

Did this occur suddenly, or begin as a minor inconvenience and worsen over time?

Good luck, and please post your results. I'm keen to not repeat your experience. Thanks!!
Thanks fellas.Jonathan C
Jun 26, 2001 3:16 PM
I will examine the thin piece of metal on the cleat and inspect for damage. I will then reinstall the cleat and check the tightness of the bolts. I have loctite so I can do that right. Before assembling I will find some grease lubricant. These are all excellent suggestions. I'll give it a try.

Lazy, if I recall the problem occurred rather suddenly. I went out for a ride a few weeks ago and clipping in was very tough. Here's another funny thing though. When the pedal wouldn't clip in, I put all of my weight (all 165 lbs of me) on the pedal and it wouldn't budge, but then I messed around with the insertion angle a bit and then locked in easily. All I can say is it was very tempermental.

Very frustrating, especially on my last 60 miler. That same ride, my left Performance Royale shoe fell apart too. (The clear buckle that holds the rear strap came out of the shoe. It is a simple machine screw with no locknut or anything!) So, not only was my right foot stuck to the bike but my left foot was trying to stay attached to the bike. On top of all that, I set out late and barely finished before dark.

I should have just taken my shoe off like one of you did. Live and learn.