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Can I build a wheel from an old rim ?(2 posts)

Can I build a wheel from an old rim ?Vuelta Airline with Campy Hub
Jun 24, 2001 7:47 PM
I have a wheel with a Shimano hub. I would like to change the hub to Campy. The Local Bicycle Shop is telling me that they do not recommend using a used rim to build a wheel. I have tried using Shimano cogs with Campy spacers but the Campy setup is too wide for the Shimano hub. The rim is no longer available because it is the 2000 model (it came off a trek road bike, Vuelta Airline rim... bladed). This wheel will be used by my 105 lb friend's bike. Should I rebuild this wheel ???
yes just use new spokes and nipples and spoke prepcarbonguy
Jun 24, 2001 8:55 PM
you can totally use the same rim most shops and mechanics would tell you to use new spokes and nipples. build it up and then true it after 100+ miles or so.