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aerobar for Deda Newton handlebar(2 posts)

aerobar for Deda Newton handlebarBrutus
Jun 24, 2001 7:38 PM
Anyone know of any aerobars that are available for the "oversized" Deda Newton handlebars. I believe the diameter of these bars are 31.8 which poses a problem with most of the aerobars that I have come across which have clamps that will only fit the standard handlebar.

Any help would be appreciated
Deda Clip-Onejw25
Jun 25, 2001 10:32 AM
These are strange little aerobars, with a single clamp and one extension, which branches into two hand grips. They come in a standard 26.0 version, and a 31.8 for the oversized bars. Check for pricing.
The other option is to measure the width of the bulged area, and get aerobars that would clamp outside this area. I use Profile Split Seconds, and have plenty of space for a computer and HRM on the bar, so they're at least 4" apart, and maybe more.