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Handlebars That are Right for the Group(2 posts)

Handlebars That are Right for the GroupLinus
Jun 24, 2001 8:11 AM
I am going to get the Chorus group. I need to order a handlebar and stem (t seems like I am just guessing at it). I wanted to order the ICON sterling stem and handlebar set, mainly because it is a combo I have tried before on a Trek and had no issues with it. Will it work with Campy? Does it matter or are there better combo's more designed for Campy. In which case I will probably not get to physically try them before purchasing and will have to trust your opinions......(My LBS is more mountain shop....not real knowledgable at road stuff)
any bars will work...C-40
Jun 24, 2001 9:28 AM
There's nothing about campy that would exclude any bar or stem on the market. I recommend that you route both shift and brake cables along the front of the bar. This routing only requires a single cable groove on the bars. Routing the shift cable along the back of the bar places the cable where it may cause discomfort, pressing on the heel of your hand. Even with the front cable routing, I place small pieces of thin foam rubber beside the shift cables, to enhance comfort, before I tape the bars.

If your LBS can't advise you on a simple issue like this, are you going to trust them to install the stuff correctly? If the LBS isn't doing installation, I'd recommend buying mail order. A chorus group could be $200 more at the LBS.

I'm partial to Deda or ITM bars and stems myself.