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ultegra/dura ace(7 posts)

ultegra/dura acespetsesjc
Jun 22, 2001 6:18 PM
I am still new to the road biking scene (i mostly moutain bike) but recently I have been road biking so much ive decided to get a road bike. I am really happy with the Klein Quantum, but what i cant decide is whether to get full ultegra or full dura ace components. (i have ridden both the Kelin with ultegra and dura ace). Any thoughts? How do the lives of the components compare? I would be biking about 3-4 times per week, averaging 20-30 miles per trip. Next spring I will be joining a cycling club at my college and so then i will be riding almost everyday, ranging anywhere from 20 to 100 mile trips. Should i just drop the extra 800-1000$ and get dura ace? Will it not make that much of a difference? All help is appreciated!!!
re: ultegra/dura acegrz mnky
Jun 22, 2001 6:59 PM
If money is no object and the idea of diminishing returns deosn't bother you then get the DA. However, realize that a full DA bike comes with certain expectations - you may or may not care. You can have a $5K bike and $0.25 legs and you will get zero respect and maybe even some resentment. To some this matters not, while others are self conscious.

Ultegra works fine and is a better "value" (if the concept even applies to bikes in this realm), but the DA will last longer (assuming the bike isn't stolen). The money you save can buy you a trip to Urup or a lot of bike swag or a set of extra wheels.
agreed ...rattled
Jun 23, 2001 6:45 PM
If you are not racing, save the cash and buy a nice wheel set- Like king hubs to open pros ... (none of those chi chi wheelsets!!)

re: ultegra/dura acemackgoo
Jun 22, 2001 7:40 PM
re: ultegra/dura aceKEN2
Jun 23, 2001 7:31 AM
I would recommend being selective on this if possible. The Ultegra cranks and BB are fine, you'll never tell any difference and they will last as long as DA (actually posters on this board have expressed problems with durability on the DA BB). OTOH, there is a significant diff between the two sets of STI shifters. I have a set of each on two different bikes, and the Ultegra hangs up constantly. The DA has bearings that are much smoother, also a slightly shorter throw and satisfying clunk when you shift.
I also don't think it's worth getting DA derailleurs, although some will differ.
re: ultegra/dura aceRay Sachs
Jun 25, 2001 5:46 AM
I'd agree with this post, particularly on the shifters. You might want to go with a DA crank if lower "Q" factor matters to you - if not, the ultegra is plenty stiff and light. The one other place I'd go for DA is the hubs - good light wheels are the best place to shave weight and while the hub weight isn't as noticeable as the rim, it all helps. Also, the DA hubs are likely to outlast the Ultegra hubs.

re: ultegra/dura acesidley
Jun 25, 2001 2:07 PM
Just want to reiterate the good advice already posted. If you are looking to build a race-ready bike, then get DA hubs and STI. My ultegra hubs are fine, but they don't spin a smoothly as they once did. Also, my right ultegra shifter began to rattle at about 2000 miles. Imperfect as they are, both my hubs and shifters are perfectly fine for my needs, but if you are serious enough to consider DA, then you probably will expect the peak performance associated therewith. Lastly, as stated above, don't get a DA BB. Even my crooked LBS wouldn't sell it to me.