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Okay, so how about Krysiums vs. Speeddream???(6 posts)

Okay, so how about Krysiums vs. Speeddream???bazookajoe
Jun 20, 2001 12:16 AM
Well from my last post, it appears people much prefer the krysiums to spinergy xaeros. but it really never answered my question, just changed it. The krysiums and the speeddream wheels can be aquired for about the same price. The speeddream are lighter, but other than that i know of no advantage/disadvantage to either of these sets.

re: Okay, so how about Krysiums vs. Speeddream???Jay H
Jun 20, 2001 5:44 AM
Same price? I've only seen Ksyriums for about $700+ whereas SD are like $519 + $10 for the black. And as you mentioned, the SD wheels are lighter. I've also read that the rim crossections of the Sun rims versus the Mavics are very very similar, there was talk awhile ago of Mavic copying the design of the Suns but I've only read that and can't verify it to be more than just conjecture. Of course it depends on which SD wheels your looking at the ones with the Sun Velocity rums, the R20, or the Aerolights. Having riden neither, I'll refrain from describing each, but I've been kind of looking around myself and I will probably be buying a used set of Aerolights from a local person..

re: Okay, so how about Krysiums vs. Speeddream???PaulCL
Jun 20, 2001 7:18 AM
OK..I went through the same desicion last Feb/March. Here are my personal conclusions:
Price: If bought overseas, about $525 for each. But...service. Dave Thomas has an excellent rep for service - a two year warranty. If you have a problem with your European purchased K's, you gotta send them back to Europe. Domestically purchased: Speeddreams by $300.
Rim cross section: According to Dave Thomas, the two rims have essentially the same cross section. No aero advantage for either.
Weight: 1400g vs 1700. Speeddreams win.
Durability: Both have a great rep.
Customability: Dave will build the wheels for you. If you want Campy hubs, you get campy hubs. Black spokes? Colored nipples? (kinda kinky, whoa!) More spokes/fewer spokes.

To say the least, I bought the Speeddreams. And after 1200 miles, I have no regrets at all. The two biggest factors in my decision was the service question or reputation and the fact that 'everyone' seemed to be on K's. OK, I'll admit it...I'm kinda a weight weenie too. My ride in now around 16lbs lugging my fat butt up hills.
re: Okay, so how about Krysiums vs. Speeddream???Chris McDonnell
Jun 20, 2001 8:03 AM
I have Ksyriums and I love them however I have never ridden Speeddreams and have no desire to at the moment as the Ksryiums are perfect for me. I have put 3000 miles on them this year and they are still perfect. I paid £350 from Parker International I think that is about $500. Given the choice I would have gone for Rolf Vector Pros but I couldn't warrent the extra money, they are £500 over here and I didn't feel the were worth the difference, besides, Lance rides Ksryiums so that wasa good enough endorsement for me.

I'm sure the Speedplays are good wheels but I love my Ksryiums.

Speed dream, K's, and Campy weight penaltyMGS
Jun 20, 2001 6:17 PM
The advantages of Speeddream are lighter and cheaper. The warranty appears valid.

I would be somewhat reluctant to buy 500-799 dollar Ksyrium wheels from abroad. Having had several bad experiences with high end wheels, and having had excellant return service locally, one is gambling that the wheels will never have a warranty problem or need returning.

Although CC has certain mail order problems, they have taken a set of Spinergy Xaero's back for full cash refund after a hub failure at 2 months.

Several years ago they gave me a full cash refund on a pair of Zipp Balastic hubs, custom built around Mavic Rims, when a hub had a failure after 6 months.

I've feel that high end components that may fail, need to have the security of a least a somewhat local service store.

Which makes the Speed dreams much cheaper than the Ksyriums bought in the states, but then the Ksysriums have to pay off the middle man, marketing, hype, and the DROOL factor.

All things said, I ended up buying K's, for three reasons.

1.) CC gave me a full cash credit towards the K's

2.) There is a backorder wait for the Speed dreams

3.) When ordering the Speed dream for Campy, the hub weighs more and the weight is, I believe, 100 grams per wheel more. Dave explained this weight penalty as he would have to use Campy hubs, which weigh more than his lightweight hubs, which are not Campy compatible. Could someone check this out??
Campy: no-weight penaltyPaulCL
Jun 20, 2001 7:28 PM
On the backorder issue, you are probably correct. I have read many times and heard on Dave's answering machine about a long wait for the aerolights. Great press and no rims available. Dave is a victim of his own success - great press, lots of orders, means a backlog. More power to him.

As for the supposed Campy weight penalty...doesn't exist. My speedreams were built up with Record rear hub and the am. classic front hub. The clinchers came in at a whopping 1428 grams. I guess if I added the record front hub, it would have cost me more and added a few grams. I wasn't that picky. Dave mentioned that the Chorus rear hub would have saved me about $20 bucks and added about 30-40 grams. Since I use Record, why not go for the gusto!