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Wheels - Spinergy vs. Speeddream(7 posts)

Wheels - Spinergy vs. Speeddreambazookajoe
Jun 18, 2001 10:29 PM
Well, it comes down to this - for a light clincher set to be used all around with a compy 10spd setup, and ignoring the price, I've come down to the Spinergy Xaero's or some custom Speeddreams, maybe the aero. Looked at Krysium - too heavy, everyone's got them, questionable durability, and the rolfs - heavy, compatibility issues.

what do you think? i do basically everything, climbing, flats, rough roads, and want a durable, light, cool looking (yes, it does matter, in fact the spokes on the spinergy's can be yellow) training wheelset

thanks for opinions!
for traning who the hell cares?str8dum
Jun 19, 2001 6:25 AM
as long as they are strong.

i've been racin on spinergies for 2 years now and love em. but finally got a trick set of Zipp 303 at 1103g. dropping 1.25 pounds off my spinergy's is sweet!
Speeddream info..Jay H
Jun 19, 2001 11:17 AM
FYI, Dave Thomas is out of the Sun rims to make the 'Aerolight' version for this year, he is expecting a replacement rim sometime in August or later. However, there is a person in the classifieds section here selling a used wheelset. I am buying another used pair from a guy locally and I'm also buying a slightly used set of 2001 Zipp 404's from the classifieds here. Then I'll either keep my Open Pros as a spare or sell it depending on how much I think I can get for it, probably not much but who knows...

re: Wheels - Spinergy vs. Speeddreamgrz mnky
Jun 19, 2001 2:11 PM
I think you'd be wasting your money on the Spinergys. Their whole operation is hokey at best. You going to get this month's "new and improved" model or NEXT month's "radically new and improved" model? The yellow spokes on the Spins may look cool, but they are FAT and therefore slow. Spinergy is not much more than modern day snake oil for the bike industry.

You question the durability of the Kysrium - Where have you been? You realize of course that putting light weight and durability together is almost a contradiction, but since price doesn't matter you're saved.

Since image does seem to matter most go with the Speeddreams. Heck, why stop there - go with Lew wheels. Next month you should be able to buy the Spinergy's for half price on the web, or pay me the full price and I'll buy them at half off for you and pocket the difference.
re: Wheels - Spinergy vs. SpeeddreamMGS
Jun 19, 2001 6:50 PM
Spinergy's weight is about 1760 grams for the set. I know, I weighed mine on a digital scale.
I also just returned mine for a full refund after the hub became stiff and the bearings started creaking after a 100 mile ride.
I just ordered Ksyriums, using the full refund from Spinergy.
Others have reported some hub problems with the Spinergy SR3. I believe this uses the same hub as the Xaero.
Good luck if you get the Spinergy. They are sharp looking, good on roads, but not light or apparently durable.
re: Wheels - Spinergy vs. Speeddreamjzinckgra
Jun 19, 2001 7:40 PM
I've got a pair of speeddreams on my klein qp and have had very good luck with them. Still very true since last summer and I believe, one of the lightest set of rims you can get. I got mine used (but very new) for $400 or so with the sun rims and american classic micro front hub and hugi 240 rear. Good set of rims IMO.
Ksyriums too heavy???, try NucleonsC-40
Jun 19, 2001 7:50 PM
Most catalogs list Ksyriums at the same weight or lighter than the Spinergy Xaero. The Xaero is listed at 1740 grams per pair at Excel Sports. I assume this includes skewers.

I've had great luck with Ksyriums, they are stiff, stay true, and don't require rims strips.

Ksyriums or Nucleons can both be purchased for less than the Xaero's. has Ksyriums for $600, has them for around $500. or have Nucleons for about $540.