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Upgrade to triple(4 posts)

Upgrade to tripleYomontaria
Jun 18, 2001 10:12 PM
I have been getting conflicting advise on upgrading to a triple.
I have a Trek 1500 with Shimano 600 7spd. Upgrade kits do not include a hub and I thought that the current hub would accept an 8 or 9 spd cluster. But the bike shop said no and that I would need to build up a hub that is specific to the groupo.

I am now considering whether I should just leave it as a 7spd and just replace the cranks, BB, shifters and derailers. Assuming I can find the parts.

Any advise?
re: Upgrade to tripleLC
Jun 18, 2001 11:05 PM
Sorry, but 7 speed Shimano hubs are not compatable with 8 or 9 speed cogs.
My Advicegrz mnky
Jun 19, 2001 1:50 PM
7 speed is not compatible with the newer 8 and 9 speed. People have cobbed stuff together, but it never works as well as designed. The component cost will eat you alive. You'll be money ahead keeping your rig as 7 speed and getting a complete new bike setup with a tripple, plus you get all of the other recent gains to boot, like less weight and a snazy paint job.

Have you maxed out your 7 speed options with a MTB cassette?
My AdviceYomontaria
Jun 19, 2001 5:52 PM
With the current derailer, yes I am maxed out with a 28 tooth rear cog.