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Carbonlord's carbon fiber road cranks? Any experiences?(5 posts)

Carbonlord's carbon fiber road cranks? Any experiences?campyguy
Jun 18, 2001 3:28 PM
I am a bit of a technojunkie, and seeing Carbonlord's ad for $200 carbon fiber has piqued my interest. Has anyone taken the plunge and gotten a pair? This might be a weight weenie piece of equipment, but I am still interested. Please relay any experiences.!

re: Carbonlord's carbon fiber road cranks? great experience !!!QUADzilla
Jun 18, 2001 4:57 PM
I bought a pair (Shimano tapered shaft) at the begining of the year. First off, he's a great guy to deal with ! He very promptly answered all of my questions (several e-mails worth). He also sent them C.O.D., which is a real plus. I was able to see them before I actually bought them.

As far as the product : These are actually a FSA product..exact same spec's if you dig deep enough. FSA's patent. I bought the 175's. They are VERY strong..way less flex than my 105's that I had (I'm 6' & 235 lbs!) I doubt if there are much heavier riders out there trying this stuff !! They look great, but do not have the really shiny coat that the FSA's do, but much better looking than the Zipps (in my opinion). Installation a breeze, I borrowed a torque wrench from my shop just to be sure the job was done right. As of now, I have about 2000 miles on them....without any looseness or squeeks of any kind !!

I also see that Pinerello is using FSA cranks on their high end models..I just got their new catalog.
Carbon Cranks & BBCima Coppi
Jun 19, 2001 7:34 AM
Good to hear some feedback on the carbon cranks. I too have seen them in the classifieds on this site and was curious about them.

Can you tell me about the interface between the crankarm and the bottom bracket? If there is a weekness in the crank, I'd think it would be here. Do they reinforce the arm with aluminum to go over the BB spindle?

Any feedback would be great. Glad you're liking them.
Carbon Cranks & BBQUADzilla
Jun 19, 2001 1:02 PM
There is actually an aluminum spline that runs down the middle of the crank arms for added strength & to ensure alignment of the pedals & bottom bracket. Over time, I was expecting them to make noise, especially considering my weight (235lbs), but was willing to take a chance considering the price & the fact that they are made by Full Speed Ahead (FSA). I was REALLY happy when I got my new Pinnerello catalog & saw that they were using them on their high end models !!
Carbon Cranks & BBCima Coppi
Jun 19, 2001 2:45 PM
I just discovered Colorado Cyclist is now carrying the cranks as well.