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SHIMANO 105 vs A5500 components(2 posts)

SHIMANO 105 vs A5500 componentsbear
Jun 17, 2001 7:53 PM
hey guys, I was shopping in a european web site and came across shimano A5500 components..they are a little more then 105 but no where near ultegra and some stuff you can only get 105, whats up this A5500 line I never heard of b4?
5500 is Shimano 105Tommy B
Jun 20, 2001 3:35 PM
I think I know the web site you were looking at. Was it Their Shimano component price list page has a column for 105 and one next to it for 5500. This is very strange and confusing because from what I understand, 5500 is Shimano's "code/model number" for the 105 line. Similarly, 6500 is their code for the current Ultegra line and 7700 is Dura Ace.

I can't explain why sometimes they show one price for a 5500 component and another price for the same 105 component. Perhaps the cheaper one (in the 105 column?) is not the most current version? For instance, the current Shimano cranks have hollow crank arms and should say "hollowtech" on them. The generation before these, I believe, had the same basic design, except they weren't hollow and if the store has some left over they should be less expensive.

They really should have been more clear!

I hope this helps!