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Pedals - Time or Look?(17 posts)

Pedals - Time or Look?M3 Pete
Jun 17, 2001 10:16 AM
Between the Look 357 and the Time Equipe Pro Magnesium Pedals, the price difference is not all that much, and there is only 20 grams weight difference. Which would you choose and why?
re: Pedals - Time or Look?rt12345
Jun 17, 2001 1:43 PM
How about Speedplay x2's ?
I'm too bigM3 Pete
Jun 17, 2001 3:47 PM
I'm 6' 2" and 200 pounds. I've never tried the speedplays, but I've been told I'm too heavy and need a bigger platform or my feet will hurt or fall asleep. Any thoughts on this?
I'm too bigclimberted
Jun 17, 2001 5:10 PM
get a carbon bottomed shoe and they won't go to sleep
re: Pedals - Time or Look?geezer
Jun 17, 2001 5:16 PM
why is is that whenever pedals are discussed, even when specific brands/models are in question, somebody always chimes in with a recommendation for speedplays???
re: Pedals - Time or Look?Hank
Jun 18, 2001 10:30 AM
cause a lot of people who ride Speedplays (myself included) have ended up with Speedplays after trying/using everything else.
re: Pedals - Time or Look?Jerry Gardner
Jun 18, 2001 11:17 AM
why is is that whenever pedals are discussed, even when specific brands/models are in question, somebody always chimes in with a recommendation for speedplays???

Because there must be a lot of riders out there who are former football players or skiers who messed up their knees so badly that they need the massive amount of float Speedplays have. This much float is totally unnecessary for most people.
another option: Campy Daytonatrendl
Jun 18, 2001 5:54 AM
I have just recently bought a new pair of Daytona Profit-Plus pedals. I had been riding Looks for about three years and the switch was hardly noticeble. The Daytona's are lighter then Looks and feel about the same.
re: Pedals - Time or Look?tonga
Jun 18, 2001 7:00 AM
I prefer the Time Pedals. I have used the Look pedals in the past and did not enjoy them for the following reasons:1. The cleat is very difficult to set up. 2. The plastic tension plate broke twice. $40 each time to repair. 3. The cleats break very easily and need to be replaced rather quickly, especially if you walk in the shoes very much. 4. In a sprint I have pulled out of the pedal and the tension was adjusted very tight. Here are the reasons why I prefer Time Pedals:1. Large pedal platform, very good for large feet. 2. Cleats are very simple to set up. no side to side adjustment , just fore & aft. I do recommend using the metal front cleat rather tahn the plastic one that is provided. the metal front cleat will wear down the interior of the front pedal slightly, but will take years to affect the integrity of the pedal. Pedals are rebuildable with new bearings. I would recommend the silver Criterium Model. This model is very durable and you don't have to worry about scraping any of the paint off the pedals.
Jun 18, 2001 10:34 AM
the cleats last longer, they're easier to set up, the pedal is more durable, and the float is engineered into the pedal (not an afterthought like with the Looks). I have used both for a long time and vastly preffered the Times. I'd still be riding them if me knees didn't want the extra float you get with Speedplays (which won't be a problem if you have a proper shoe).
re: Pedals - Time or Look?twikkie
Jun 18, 2001 1:43 PM
everybody wanted to talk about speedplay...To your question, I like the Time Equipe pedals better than any look pedal. They offer a fantastic range of motion..both float and lateral adjustment. They are great for people with certain types of knee problems, and I whole heartedly reccommend them. They are sturdy, dependable,easy on the body, and have a great retention system. Go with Time!
re: Pedals - Time or Look?Hansolo
Jun 18, 2001 2:00 PM
You ever consider Speedplays? Has more float, less weight, double-sided entry, better cornering clearance and lower height than all the others. Oh yeah, and the stainless steel version costs about the same as most upper end Look and Time pedals. Just a thought...Lemond rides Speedplays now...better late than never I guess...
re: Pedals - Time or Look?converse
Jun 18, 2001 2:38 PM
1) more float- not always a good thing
2) less weight- until you include the cleat (also need to consider maintenance and the mess of having to grease them)
3) double-sided entry- not needed since others rest in the "ready" position
4) cost- advantage Look, even if cheap imitations weren't available
Another takezelig1
Jun 20, 2001 10:46 AM
I assume that your shoes will work with the Times w/o their adapter plate. If you need the adapter plate, you'll negate some of the Time design benefits.

I've ridden each design about equally, 7 seasons on Look and 8 seasons on Time, and I prefer Time primarily because their cleat design allows your foot to be closer to the axle. For me, the feel and action is more like that when I used to ride with caged pedals, clips and straps and allows for a lower CG when cornering. Secondarily I like the float, not a lot, and type of float, limited not free. Its all personal preference and with the Look's I rode the black cleats (no-float).

I haven't had marked differences in their durability (although if you do a lot of city riding and are in and out of the pedals, the inside pedal body on the Time will show some wear although nothing compared to their older models), reliability (excellent for both) or longevity of cleat life. Both manufacturer's cleats wear and again, if you're in an out of your pedals such as when you're riding in the city, the Time cleats do wear. I replace both the front and rear cams on my exit shoe every season due to wear.

I'm surprised that the weight difference is so low. The Time's are defintely not the lightest around and Look's have gotten lighter over the years. Pricing on the Time model you're looking at is dropping so either a new model's coming out or their dropping that design.

I don't know what you're riding now but if possible, you should try them each before buying.
re: Pedals - Time or Look?M3 Pete
Jun 20, 2001 4:17 PM
thanks for the replies. I am leaning toward the 2000 Look 296 because it is so cheap right now, even less than the 2001 357, and only 10 grams more. I do mostly city riding, so clipping/unclipping ease is important, and I'm not racing, so the foot position on the axle is not critical (but a better position would be nice). I am not inclined to get the Speedplays because they are expensive, and I'm not racing, so saving weight is not crucial. Plus, I'm still concerned about what I hear about heavier riders and the tiny speedplay pedals.

But this has been a great discussion, and I think a lot of folks will benefit from the debate, so if anyone has additional opinions, please post them.

Somebody commented about shoes, I'm leaning towards Sidi Genius 3. (in case you haven't guessed, I just got a new (used) bike (1997 Lemond Zurich), replacing one that was 20 years old, and getting 21st century equipment to go with it.)
re: Pedals - Time or Look?Lone Gunman
Jun 20, 2001 7:18 PM
My suggestion is if you go with the Looks, get the red cleats and a pair of the Look cleat covers. The comment about ruining cleats by walking in them too much may have some merit, but that is alot of walking. The cleat covers are a must if you walk into any where that has smooth floors. They protect floors and make walking very stable, $10.00 Colorado Cyclists (Kool Kovers?)
re: Pedals - Time or Look?jckid
Jun 24, 2001 4:17 PM
No question TIME. Time has the smoothest float of all the pedals I have ever tried. Get Time shoes also. They are very comfortable and mate perfectly with the pedals. I made the mistake of ditching my old Time Titan Mags because they needed to be rebuilt. I got the Dura Ace SPD and Sidi G3's. No contest. Guess what I am selling now. The Dura Ace pedals and the shoes and I am getting the Times overhauled. I cant' believe Time is not still dominant here as they were years ago when I was racing. If you want the setup they are in perfect condition. Just email me.