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Real Hubs.....(2 posts)

Real Hubs.....GTRider
Jun 16, 2001 9:29 PM
I found a great deal on a set of new Real hubs,Any comments?I know real is out of business.But they made good MTB brake levers and hubs.
Real Hubs.....Brian B.
Jun 17, 2001 7:59 PM
I just recently built up a set of wheels with Real hubs. Got a ridicuously good price from the folks at Cambria.
I was concerned because no one could really say much about the road hubs. But their mountain hubs were certainly high-quality. And building up a set of wheels with Ultegra hubs just seemed so boring.
Only the miles will tell if they were a good choice. They are quite easy to pull apart and service, though, which should help. The rear makes nice racheting noises- a little clickier than Shimano hubs, but not Chris King-loud.
I'm not really worried about warranty service, etc. Use a normal lacing pattern and don't worry about it. I did mine 2x front, 3x rear (32 hole) I'll just run 'em till they're dead.

I say go for it.

-Brian B.