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Dura Ace hub(4 posts)

Dura Ace hubVon Zip
Jun 16, 2001 8:33 AM
Can my eight speed, dura ace, rear hub be magically transformed into a nine speed with the correct spacers and cogs? Spacing problems? This is to build up an older rear wheel for a spare. Thanks for any info.
No problemszelig
Jun 16, 2001 9:37 AM
The eight speed hub's forward compatible with the 9 speed cassette. I think there's an issue if you want to use an 11 tooth on the 1994 DA 8spd hub but you should check Sheldon Brown's site for clarification.
It depends on the hubDave Hickey
Jun 17, 2001 5:44 AM
If the last cog screws on, no you cannot convert to 9 speed. If the cogs are held in place with a lockring, then yes, you can use for 9 speed. The very first generation 8 speed D/A hubs used a threaded on last(smallest)cog. The later models used an internal threaded lockring like todays hubs. I'm using an 8 speed D/A hub with nine speed.
Still can.12x23
Jun 17, 2001 6:16 PM
Replace the first generation freehub body with a newer HG. I did this with a couple of wheels when I bought my first 8sp-STI bike back in 1992. But, the current 9-sp freehub will not work with the older hubs.