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What's up with Shimano wheels?(4 posts)

What's up with Shimano wheels?mike mcmahon
Jun 14, 2001 11:10 PM
On this board and the others, I read a lot about just about every wheelset out there: Ksyriums, Speeddreams, Xaeros, Zipps, etc. However, nobody ever seems to comment on Shimano Dura-Ace or Ultegra wheels. Despite the relative silence on the boards, numerous people have posted generally favorable reviews of the S wheels on the product review portion of this board. Why aren't these wheels (good, bad, or indifferent) mentioned more frequently in discussions regarding wheel choices on cycling boards?
Dunnogrz mnky
Jun 15, 2001 5:41 PM
Why is it that Shimano is mailing out coupons for $60 off on a set of wheels?

Ultimately, it probably comes down to the idea that lately there are a lot of botique wheelsets of the month. Enough people have been disappointed and mislead that most are becoming cautious of wht they buy. Shimano has a very limited track record in the high end wheelset arena. Sure they are an excellent bike co., but they've also sold us crap that has become obsolete in a year (or less). The Shimano wheelsets are new, don't have a lot of exposure, and are not cheap. Where are you going to drop your cashish given a choice? If someone were giving away sets for free or blows away the field in a big race then that might get some attention. Not many of us want to get stuck with an equivalent of two year old Spinergy's. BTW I checked out their XT disc wheelset - not too expensive, but pig iron HEAVY! I'm sticking with Mavic.
re: What's up with Shimano wheels?maxx
Jun 15, 2001 8:41 PM
Funny you should ask... I just made a wheel purchase after an exhaustive price, style, function search. I narrowed it down to two catagories: the Shimanos DA's for a $1K (Cdn) or the Mavic Cosmos for $1/2K (Cdn). Honestly, I could've went either way but ultimately decided on the Mavics. I am a speed-freak commuter and outback country road guy meaning if I get into trouble I'm all alone. With either wheelset, one day I WILL break a spoke - guarranteed. With the DA's, a taco'd wheel will surely not pass through my caad4 stays nor fork. Having walked miles on my cleats a few years back from a bad tube/tire tear, I don't every want to do that again - ouch!

So far the Cosmos have turned into cycling's best kept secret for me. Super comfortable, great spin-up, easy to keep at speed, buttery hubs, and thanks to the low spoke count, reasonably aero and light. Definitely a good all-round compromise. I also wonder if I really would've received twice the performance from the DA's for twice the $$.

This is not a knock on the DA's which are great wheels but I for one am cynical (for the time being!) about these new wheel types which include Rolfs, Ksyriums, spinergys, etc.... They are great so long as you're within reasonable walking distance from your house or car when you're down with a technical (ie: leave them for race day).
re: What's up with Shimano wheels?IAmtnbikr
Jun 16, 2001 9:31 AM
I am sure they are fine. Some of their lower end MTB stuff is heavy as can be though. My guess is that the 'coolness' factor of 'big S' wheelsets maybe pushes people to buy other stuff?