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Mavic Mektronic??? Good?? Bad?? Any Experience out there???(5 posts)

Mavic Mektronic??? Good?? Bad?? Any Experience out there???NoName
Jun 14, 2001 12:47 PM
A friend is planning to buy one of these, he wants to do a little bit of research on it first. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

The Good, Bad, and Uglyunobtainium
Jun 14, 2001 11:13 PM
Good. Shifts are fast, perhaps faster than my Record or Shimano when cadence is high, say over 70. With 3 different shifter button locations shifting is easy. Two Years after it was released, you still rarely see another on the road. Additional (illegal per UCI) "horns" ARE more aero. The Bad. speed sensor and rear derailleur battery life was only 3-4 months or 2k for me about one fourth that claimed by Mavic who told me verbally will only last a "season" (though their website did not reflect this statement). When hitting sharp bumps at speed its not uncommon for the system to jump cogs. Can only shift one gear at a time. Front derailleur shifting is retro friction and crude compared to Campy/Shimano. The Ugly. Rear Derailleir looks bulky and maybe vulnerable in a crash
Do a search - I asked this about 3 weeks ago (nm).muncher
Jun 15, 2001 5:20 AM
re: Mavic Mektronic??? Good?? Bad?? Any Experience out there???jaybird
Jun 15, 2001 12:11 PM
well it is better than its predecessor (Zap) but still relatively unproven since it is not legal in the eyes of the UCI... Go Campy 10.
re: Mavic Mektronic??? Good?? Bad?? Any Experience out there???Jim Hubbard
Jun 17, 2001 1:18 PM
A while ago one of I was speaking to one of the top pros who ride this groupset. He was saying that he himself lost 6 victories because of the groupset. The teams sprinters now ride camp. I also have another friend that is a bike wrench and he was given a groupset to try when they first came out. The groupset stop working in the rain after about 2 hours in a major 7 day tour. Lucky it was between stages. The other groupset the shop had for sale self destructed after being fitted to a customers bike. My advice don't go near this stuff. It is shit, and ugly shit at that.