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campy cassette> sram/sachs chain> shimano crank???(4 posts)

campy cassette> sram/sachs chain> shimano crank???wes_london
Jun 13, 2001 4:19 PM
im sorry to post yet another campy/shimano tech question.

will a campy 9 speed cassette work with a sram 9 speed chain and a shimano 9 speed crank 53/39? i guess i am asking if the chainring spacings are similar and as i figure if the chain works with the cassette then all else should be ok.

also will i still be able to use a shimano ultegra front deraileur. i think it should be ok. campy 9 speed rear derailleur.

just wanted to see if anyone had ideas before i attempted monetary suicide.
will work with campy shifters...C-40
Jun 13, 2001 4:33 PM
The shimano crank and front derailleur should work fine. I'm assuming you know that campy shifters are needed with the campy rear derailleur, and a campy 9/10 hub is needed for the cassette.

If you're buying all these parts, including ergo levers, I'd go with a 10 speed setup. I've read reports of success using the shimano 9 speed crank and front derailleur with campy 10.
price is my limiting factorwes_london
Jun 13, 2001 5:11 PM
i would love to go with 10 speed campy but i have just purchased a new f.s.a. carbon crank and a shimano ultegra splined bb with the view of building up my bike. but as always happens the deal of the century on a colnago frame fell in my lap.

my rear wheel is hot and has a shimano hub. excel sports are confident that the wheels manufacturing 9 speed cassette for shimano hubs but with campy spacing will work perfectly.

as its an italian frame it would be a shame to not have as much campy on as possible. excel has veloce shifters and rear derailleur at a pretty cheap price and ive always wanted a sram chain as i like to clean my chains with a minimum of fuss but off the bike.

all up im just scraping the cookie jar at around $300 for veloce levers and rear derailleur, wheels man. 12-23 cassette and sram chain. but hey its a colnago and i have a set of delta calipers that have been begging to be shown to the world.

thanks for your response.
re: campy cassette> sram/sachs chain> shimano crank???DaveG
Jun 14, 2001 10:19 AM
I suspect it will work OK. I use an SRAM chain with my (100%) Campy setup and it works fine. Many Shimano owners use SRAM also. For 9-speed, Shimano chain width is 6.6mm, Campy 6.8 and SRAM 6.9mm. At Branford Bike the recommend using the Rohloff chain on "Dr. Frankenstein" mixed Campy/Shimano systems. The key is that the levers, rear der. and cassette are all Campy.