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HELP!! broken rim!(6 posts)

HELP!! broken rim!mattcrout
Jun 8, 2001 6:30 PM
i was just wiping off my bike from a 20 mile ride and realized that my rear rim is broken. it almost looks like the spoke was tightented too much and just started pulling on the rim and there are two cracks (about 1/2in long each) one right at the nipple and one on the side. so i'm kinda short on cash, and i'm wondering if i should get just a new rim and have the bike store rebuild it (i've got 105 hubs) and i'm running only a 7 speed. or shoudl i just go and buy a new back wheel? what is the cheapest and best way to go about this. i dont' want to go crazy cheap though under 200 definietly. thanks!
what's the brand and model of the rim ? (nm)RecRider
Jun 8, 2001 6:55 PM
it's a.....mattcrout
Jun 8, 2001 7:15 PM
To be honest, i bought the bike used a couple months ago so i'm not exactly sure. but it's a 32 hole rim. the only markings are three stickers. one that's a campy sticker, on that says GAMMA Strada, and one that says made in italy. it's a square rim, not aero at all. thanks!
oh yeahmattcrout
Jun 8, 2001 7:19 PM
if it matters at all, i've got 8 speed STI so if i had to switch to 8 speed cassette i could probably live with that. also, the front rim is not a match to this one, they both have 105 hubs but the front is an aero rim.
re: HELP!! broken rim!mattcrout
Jun 8, 2001 7:45 PM
and under closer inspection, it woudl apprear as though there are about 8 spoke holes that are starting cracks down the center of the rim, mostly on the drive side. i got my wheel redished adn trued by my LBS shortly after i got the bike, i'm wondering if it's happened since then.
two options...biknben
Jun 9, 2001 2:57 PM
Have an LBS build a wheel using your existing hub or buy a new wheel. This may be your chance to go 8 spd since you said you had the shifters. If you have the shop rebuild you'll want to get a new rim (of course), spokes, and nipples. Might run you $100-$150. If you buy a new wheel the price will vary depending on what you want.

Asumming you have everything else you need to go 8 spd you might as well just get a new wheel. You shouldn't have trouble finding a rear wheel for under $200.

FYI: The shop would have noticed the cracks and brought it to your attention if they were present when you had the wheel trued.