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wheels for heavier riders?(8 posts)

wheels for heavier riders?posty
Jun 8, 2001 10:33 AM
I've read most of the reviews and have had different rec's from each LBS about what wheels to get. Any input re:a good set of training wheels for someone over 200lbs would be appreciated. I am looking for durability and reliability, mostly. Less concerned with weight of wheels, at this point.
re: wheels for heavier riders?ColnagoFE
Jun 8, 2001 11:20 AM
CXP33 rims, 36 spoke front and rear w brass nips and 14/15 butted spokes. will make a strong and still not too heavy wheel. some use this setup on tandems. if you can find a old cxp30 rim they will be even stronger but heavier...maybe a touch more aero. probably could get away with 32 spokes on these rims. have also heard good things about Ksyriums for heavier riders, but personally I woulnd't trust them as my only set of wheels. specialty wheels yes.
same (cxp33) NMHaiku d'état
Jun 8, 2001 12:46 PM
re: wheels for heavier riders?Slow Ned
Jun 8, 2001 1:01 PM
I am right at 200lbs and have the same issues with wheels. I just bought a set of Velomax Orion Comps this year and they have been great. They are very light weight, which is an unexpected bonus, and have been very durable. I have pounded them mercilessly and they have only come a wee bit out of true in 3 months time (I've nailed potholes and RR tracks without wincing). The only knock I have on them is that they are spongy - they give a bit more than I would like when out of the saddle on hard efforts or in a hard corner. I won't race crits on mine, but they make great wheels for training and road racing. If you get a chance to sample, Velomax also has a less expensive version - the Circuit Comp - same concept that makes the Orion durable, but with a less expensive hub.
re: wheels for heavier riders?Don in OKC
Jun 8, 2001 1:12 PM
I have an old wheelset, campy record hubs, 36 hole, 14 ga DT spokes, Mavic rims. A rider fell in front of me once and I center punched him breaking his bike frame in 3 places and bent his dura-ace crank. He wasn't hurt to bad but the bike was totaled. I rode home, my front wheel about .100 out of true, tweaked it, it's still good, 9 years later. So for durability, that's hard to beat.

However, at 210 lbs I now ride R1 Spinergy Spox every day, about 2,000 miles so far, no problems. Lots of potholes and rough road here in Oklahoma. Smooth ride, accelerate great. Have Rolf Vector Comps and a set of WH-7700 shimanos hanging up.
re: wheels for heavier riders?Lou M
Jun 8, 2001 1:43 PM
I have been using Campy Shamals with Record hubs and haven't had any problems. I started @ 245lbs, down to 230lbs. still no problems. Conti GP 3000 tires also work great, no flats.
re: wheels for heavier riders?DrD
Jun 8, 2001 4:34 PM
I am 205-210, and currently have Mavic CXP-33's, DA hubs, DT 14/15 spokes (32 hole, 3-cross) with DT alloy nipples - no troubles thus far.
If you have some place on your bike you can dump some weight....GTRider
Jun 9, 2001 9:16 AM
I would also consider Velocity Deep V's.Granted they are 520 grams each(50 grams heavier then a CXP33)But also 20-40 dollars cheaper then the mavic's depending on where you buy them.I am a 240 pound rider and i use Aeroheats on my mountainbike.Velocitites have also received great reviews in the Various MTB mags.Plus my prop's because while mountain Biking last weekend i broke a spoke and the rear wheel stayed true(Maybe some props to the wheelbuilder also)I am doing a DeepV/32 hole 105 with 14 gauge DT's.Best of luck on you search.