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Mini Frame Pumps(23 posts)

Mini Frame PumpsPaulCL
Jun 6, 2001 8:38 PM
What's the best? Which one will I have to pump the least to get to 100psi?? Which one will allow me to pump to >120psi??

I already have a Zefel "double shot" frame pump. It's about 7 years old, but works fine. Why replace it?? 'Cause my frame has no pump pegs and I have to put it on the seat second water bottle cage. It won't stay underneath the top tube, even with a velcro strap around it. I'm getting tired of carrying a second bottle in my back pocket and I don't like to use the camelback for intermediate length rides. I'm just exploring the possibility of sucking it up and buying a mini pump. My real question is: do they work very well at all??? Another question: is it safe to go without a pump but just carry the CO2 inflator??? Thanks. Paul
re: Mini Frame Pumpsmikereyno
Jun 6, 2001 10:19 PM
I just got a Zefal hpX today (arrived from Performance). My Klein Race also lacks pump pegs but this thing actually fits underneath the top tube without a velcro strap. However to be safe I did use one in a 20+ ride tonight over some fairly rough road at times. It didn't budge.
re: Mini Frame Pumpsmikereyno
Jun 6, 2001 10:21 PM
I just got a Zefal hpX today (arrived from Performance). My Klein Race also lacks pump pegs but this thing actually fits underneath the top tube without a velcro strap. However to be safe I did use one in a 20+ mile ride tonight over some fairly rough road at times. It didn't budge.
Topeak Road Morph ....seth1
Jun 7, 2001 6:32 AM
is the last frame pump you will ever need. It works like a floor pump in that you have a floor stand that flips out and an extending air hose. It inflates to 120+ psi so easily. Can be mounted inbetween the waterbottle cage and the down or seat tubes (unless these are oversized and/or shaped). I even used mine as my main floor pump for about 6 weeks.
The only drawback is that the pressure guage isn't very accurate and starts sticking around 90-100 psi so I carry an extra guage.
This pump is the best I've ever used. If anybody out there knows of another one that can get to 120 as easily as the road morph let me know, I would be happy to check it out.
That's an 'amen' on the Road Morph. Best frame pump made (nm)Leroy L
Jun 7, 2001 9:15 AM
You've Got That Right!slbenz
Jun 7, 2001 9:25 AM
I have a Topeak Road Morph as well. Used it to help out a couple road club members with flats. All the club members riding with me that day were amazed how easy and fast I was able to inflate the tires to 120 psi. After that day, three club members ended up buying the Road Morph. I guess action speaks louder than words!
I'm always rescuing ....seth1
Jun 7, 2001 9:41 AM
my riding buds. They'll flat out and struggle with their mini/frame pumps. When they've gone anaerobic getting up to 90 or 100 the Topeak ALWAYS comes out and finishes the job to the amazment of a captivated audience.
Thanks GuysPaulCL
Jun 7, 2001 9:53 AM
I'm going to drop by my LBS this afternoon and pick one up. Thanks. Paul
Ya but inflators are sooo cool...Jim A
Jun 7, 2001 9:53 AM
I've gone pumpless (most of the time) for about two years. It all started the first time I used a cartridge inflator. If you have never used one these things, you must try it. The time it takes to inflate in a road tire is approximately 1 to 2 seconds and your done. It makes a pump look like something right out of grandpa's attic. Using an inflator is an extremely cool experience, like something out of Star Trek....

CAPTAIN (in disguise on the planet): "Its hard to stay upright on these primitive bi-pedal devices. The locals keep staring at us."
DATA: "Tricorder readings indicate your circular pavement shields are losing integrity. Internal pressure is down 20%...19.6%...18.41%....
CAPTAIN: Data! That's enough. I need answers!
DATA: I believe they will require injections of additional rubber. Or possibly a pressurized gas of some sort. I'll transport them to engineering."
ENGINEER: "Captain, we could modify one of the doctor's hyposprays to inject a gas under pressure directly into one of those little brass ports. Shall I transport them to Sick Bay, sir?"
CAPTAIN: "Make it so."

(probably not to be continued)

I usually ride with just my Ultraflate and two cartridges, and my riding pal takes the same. There is a small risk you will go through all your cartridges and your pal's cartridges and still not fix your flat, or you will have multiple numerous flats that outnumber your cartridges, but this is a small risk and it hasn't happened to me (yet). You can mitigate this risk by also carrying a minipump. The inflator stuff doesn't weigh much more and so convienient. One more thing about cartridges, PLEASE DON'T LITTER.

If you don't like the inflator idea, get the Road Morph. It's by far the best port-o-pump I've used. It's the little hose that makes it easy to use.
recent co2 convertHaiku d'état
Jun 7, 2001 1:21 PM
after hitting the "general" board with a question about co2, i was convinced enough to spend ten bucks on the pump and thirteen on a gross of cartridges from super k-mart. have used it a couple times in the garage just to get the hang of inflation, and this thing rules.

got the innovations second wind, which will get you up to pressure with one cartridge. it doubles as a manual hand pump to get the tube partially inflated prior to mounting. the co2 is controlled release, so you can check that the tube/tire seating on the rim is cool. it's only 6" long and fits easily into my smallest seatpack, or even in the jersey pocket. i can carry 2-4 co2 carts without losing much space, and they're not heavy.

had been using a topeak master blaster (like the road morph, except without the gauge and without the locking head) before the co2, and it sucked. i hear great things about the road morph, though! benefits of a inflator include not having it mounted anyplace on the frame.

good luck!
Do you go pumpless now? (nm)PaulCL
Jun 7, 2001 1:44 PM
i just carry the co2 inflator/pump, no frame pumpHaiku d'état
Jun 7, 2001 2:31 PM
the manual part only gets ya to around 70 psi and a sore arm.

the potential drawbacks of relying upon co2 are obvious, but don't detract from my sole use of this pump.

used a (borrowed) road morph for a fl*t on the last "fast" weekend club ride i rode, since my other topeak pump was useless (wasted more air pressure than generated), and it took a good few minutes and VERY sore arm to inflate the tire to just above 100 PSI, while the "fast" group looked on. earlier, another guy in the group had a flat at the 1/2way stop and had it fixed in a jif with his co2 inflator. thus, my prior post for opinions, and my new conversion to the world of co2!

will use the co2 pump on all lenth rides, but will continue to carry a fully manual (serfas) pump on my mtb since i ride mtb mostly solo and you can't get picked up by your wife in her SUV 15 miles out in the woods.

good luck in whatever you choose to use!
"potential drawbacks of relying on CO2 are obvious"PaulCL
Jun 7, 2001 6:16 PM
I must be missing something...what are the drawbacks if you can carry a couple of cartridges?? I have never had more than two flats in one ride. Is that the drawback. I am thinking of skipping the new frame pump and going with just CO2.
just the finite # of inflations thingHaiku d'état
Jun 8, 2001 12:45 PM
and the fact that you're making more waste in emptying cartridges...but hey, we all recycle, right? i would say it's just the limited number of times you can inflate a tube, but that's also a limitation faced with carrying a finite number of tubes (could break at the valve, etc.).

otherwise the only other drawback i've seen is that the CO2 seeps out overnight and the next morning your CO2-filled tube is FLAT (but this takes hours and hours and hours). a quick inflation from a floor pump fixes that.

good luck!
re: Mini Frame Pumpsmackgoo
Jun 7, 2001 2:14 PM
If you have a small seat pack just get one of those co2 jobbers pack it away and be done with it.
Crank Brothers??someguy1
Jun 7, 2001 6:28 PM
Their new pump can supposedly pump up to 160psi, I think. It has two different modes, mountain and road, and comes with a guage and case. If anyone has some feedback, it would be much appreciated.
I tested one recentlyseth1
Jun 8, 2001 6:59 AM
Getting up to 80-90 was no problem. Then I clicked over to the secondary pump and got up to about 100, but it took quite a while. I couldn't see myself standing there for for the time that it would take to get up to 120. It would probably be a good pump for shorter rides where you don't want the extra weight and if you do flat out you're either not too far from home or a bike shop.
Just got oneAndy
Jun 7, 2001 10:41 PM
I just got a road morph based on all the praise I heard in the last month. They were on sale (still are) at REI for 25% off so I couldn't pass it up. Unfortunately, my water bottle cage mounting bolts were not long enough to install the plastic mount.

Since my frame is an OCLV, it's a little larger in diameter and I'm afraid my leg will rub against the pump as I pedal. I discovered that I can use my plastic mount from my Blackburn AS-1 Air Stik and the road Morph fits fine. The Blackburn mount looks MUCH better and cleaner than the Topeak mount.

Now I just have to get some longer cage bolts.
bought the CO2 cartridgePaulCL
Jun 8, 2001 11:56 AM
I went to look at the Topeak Morph Road at my LBS. The pump is too big. Maybe a great pump, but too big to hide on my seat post. Instead, I bought a CO2 inflator and four 16g cartridges. Should keep me "inflated" for a while. Thanks for all of the responses. Paul
good to hear it! know where to get CO2 cheap, right?Haiku d'état
Jun 8, 2001 2:14 PM
3 12oz/$5 at nashbar, or two dozen for $13 at kmart/walmart. sporting goods department.

now, go practice inflating! i used the one cart that came with my inflator/pump as soon as it arrived from nashbar (nashbar: i'm a cheap bastid) to make sure i knew how to do it. inflate, stop, check with gauge, repeat...figured, after seated on the rim and checked, i could dump the whole 12g cart in there without blowing the tube off the rim.
The 16g's are expensive but the best for road tires.Jim A
Jun 9, 2001 4:58 PM
They should get you up above 100 psi with 25s. Way to go.
re: Mini Frame Pumpswoofer
Jun 11, 2001 3:32 PM
Go with CO2 !!!!

I got one about a year ago and SWEAR by it!!

I carry 1 spare tube, two (12 oz)co2 cartridges, and a few (3-4) patches with glue. Buy cartridges at wally world for less than 40 cents each. The 12 oz cartridges give about 90 lbs pressure but that is usually enough to get you home. The 16 oz carts give up to 120 but are bigger. The CO2 inflator I have is yellow plastic and the cart. is inside the body of it. I forget the brand. I leave the cartridge loose inside the inflator and only puncture the cartridge (screw the top on) if I get a flat..

my $0000.02

re: Mini Frame Pumpswoofer
Jun 11, 2001 3:35 PM
On the downside of course, if a dog is chasing you can't whip out your teeny CO2 inflator and swing it at him like a frame pump..