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Spinergy hubs(2 posts)

Spinergy hubsKeenkat
Jun 6, 2001 3:47 PM
Just purchased a used set of Rev-X spinergy's. The front wheel spins freely by itself but when I lock down the skewer it binds up the bearings and will not turn. Any ideas? It has bushings on both sides, the diameter is larger on one end, and the surface is knurled. I have the bushings on so that this surface is against the inside of the fork. I assume this is correct? Am I missing something simple here?
Hope I did not buy a bum rim!
re: Spinergy hubsgrz mnky
Jun 6, 2001 3:51 PM
Sounds like you need to return them. Spinergy doesn't appear to have a great track record in product development - they're always hailing the "next best thing!" Meanwhile, behind the scenes, it seems that the quality dept. is out to lunch. ust my $0.02 having observed over the years.