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Am I Too Streched out?(4 posts)

Am I Too Streched out?BenDover
Jun 6, 2001 11:10 AM
When I'm in the drops and my elbows are ~ 70 degrees bent, I've got about a 3 cm overlap with my elbows and kness. Also when I'm looking down my hub is behind my bars. Should I try getting a shorter stem to solve this problem?
re: Am I Too Streched out?PsyDoc
Jun 6, 2001 3:14 PM
Good question. Do you feel too stretched out? If so, then you probably are. I think folks will need more information from you before an educated response can be given. What size stem are you currently using? How flexible are you? How tall are you? How long is your reach? What is your torso measurement? I do not know if you can accurately use the "bar obscurring the front hub" advice here. I mean...what is your flexibility level? If you are not very flexible, then you may be too stretched out right now until your flexibility improves. I ride a bike with a 56cm top tube with a 110mm stem and I feel pretty good, I have good flexibility, and the front hub is obscured. But, on a 57cm frame with the same head and seat angles a 56.5cm top tube with the same length stem, the front hub is still obscured, but I feel too stretched out and those watching me confirm my feeling. Just my .02
Jun 6, 2001 3:18 PM
Rusty Coggs mentioned something that jogged my memory. I have heard that if your fore/aft seat adjustment is correct, then when your hands are on the hoods with your arms slightly bent the bars should obscure the front hub. But, I have heard this to be the case only when one's fore/aft seat adjustment is correct.

Whatever happened to the "Edit Message" selection where you could edit your original message up to an hour after posting it?
knee to elbow clearance & saddle position...C-40
Jun 7, 2001 7:38 PM
Knee to elbow clearance should be checked with you hands in the hooked portion of the bar, with fingers in reach of the brake levers. It's OK if the knee barely grazes the elbow, but most experienced riders will opt for 1cm or more of clearance (no overlap). I can't prescribe an arm angle, because if you crouch low enough, it's always possible to cause some sort of knee to arm (not elbow) interference. With the stem I use, my knees will never touch my elbow, but as my lower arms get close to being parallel with the ground, my knee will hit the back of my arm, above the elbow.

The visual check of bars obscuring the front hub is meaningless, but often coincidental.

The saddle fore-aft position should always be set before selecting stem length. See or the July issue of Bicycling Magazine for saddle fore-aft postioning info.