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TREK OCLV Bottom Bracket Noise(5 posts)

TREK OCLV Bottom Bracket NoiseMr Velo
Jun 6, 2001 10:49 AM
Has anyone had experience with bottom bracket noise from OCLV frame. Trek and bike shop say it is rare. My friend has had his 1997 OCLV frame back to Trek twice for bottom bracket frame repair. My new improved 2001 OCLV frame is making same noise. I changed out the Dura ace BB with Ultegra (didn't help) and changed pedals (didn't help). Noise is a constant cracking and creaking which varies with torque from climbing out of saddle to fast spin. Is this generic issue or is the problem coincidental to the only two OCLV frames of which I've had personnal knowledge.
re: TREK OCLV Bottom Bracket Noiseslbenz
Jun 6, 2001 12:41 PM
I would also check the crankarm bolts to see if they are tight. My friend who also rides a 1997 Trek OCLV experienced creaking while riding and found that it was one of the crankarm bolts that was loose. I have a 2000 Trek OCLV and have not experienced what you describe. Hope this helps.
I have the same problemAndy
Jun 7, 2001 10:53 PM
My 2000 OCLV has an Ultegra BB and my crank bolts come loose about every two weeks. When I hear the cracking and creaking noise, I just tighten it back up with a long stem allen wrench. Creaking stops for two more weeks.

It seems like I saw a post where some guy asked about putting Loc-Tite on the crank arm bolts but I would not want to go that route.
re: TREK OCLV Bottom Bracket NoiseLen J
Jun 8, 2001 6:00 AM
1) Check Crank Bolts
2.) Check Bottom Bracket Bolt
3.) Check to see if clips on Pedals are making the noise
4.) Check seatpost & Seat

My experience with Bottom Bracket noises is that they are rarely from the BB. Eliminate all other sources first.

Good Luck
One other thing to checkDuane
Jun 9, 2001 5:39 PM
I periodically have creaking on my 5500 caused by the wheels moving slightly in the dropouts, even with the dropouts tightened down very tight. I have only noticed it on Rolf wheels. It can be solved by putting a little wax lube on the dropouts. It is only noticeable when pedaling hard, flexing bike side to side. Just something to check.